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CRE Note Investing For The Rest Of Us


Until recently only Hedge Funds and large institutional investors got to "play the game" of buying CRE backed notes.  

Well Not Any More!

Announcing "Loan Investing Blueprint", the fastest way for an individual investor to buy their first Commercial Real Estate secured note.  Loan Investing Blueprint is the creation of JD Crouse a Commercial Real Estate investor that has worked in the loan sale business since 1994 and has been successfully investing in CRE backed notes, earning double-digit yields, since 2008.

"The returns in CRE backed notes, bought how I buy them, are far superior to anything else in the CRE world today.  Not to mention the hi level of security and peace of mind" says Crouse.

To see some example 'deal sheets' of the type of investments that the average investor with $100,000 to $1MM can put to work go here:

If you are interested in learning more about the methodologies behind how Crouse invests, you can reach him here:

JD Crouse


07/17/2013 - 11:36


Loan Investing Blueprint

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