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CPEX hires 21 college students for summer internship program


New York, NY According to CPEX, the firm has hired 21 college students for its summer 2012 internship program. The CPEX internship program encourages students to take part in any meeting happening in the office so that they get a well-rounded idea of how the company functions as well as the roles and responsibilities of each employee. Additionally, each student is assigned to a team within the firm and is closely monitored by a CPEX professional.

Indeed, the interns are divided among the sales, leasing, advisory, acquisitions, research, and administrative departments to actively participate in the direction of the company and assist in its ongoing growth.

This group of interns arrives with a diverse background and varied skill set for their summer experience in commercial real estate. The CPEX program welcomes students hailing from South Korea and China, as well as those commuting daily from their homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are currently enrolled at such institutions as Columbia University, Hamilton College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and study topics as divergent as economics, engineering, and visual arts. Some are interested in starting a career in the real estate industry, while others simply want to gain valuable exposure to the inner workings of a growing business.

Intern Louisa Graham said, "My time interning at CPEX has been extremely productive. I've collaborated with associates on various projects across multiple departments and had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with industry leaders. At CPEX, people are friendly and approachable, communicating with one another so that everyone has an overall knowledge of what's happening in the company. Every day has been a learning experience for me."

COO Greg Roberts said, "Our objective was to target every college and university within a 150 mile radius of our office. As a result, CPEX appeared on 81 college career boards and received over 500 resumes to fill these positions. We are very excited to have such a diverse group of students to assist in the continued success of CPEX."

CPEX was founded in September 2008 by Timothy D. King and Brian T. Leary, two prominent leaders in the New York City commercial real estate industry. The founders have provided a broad range of real estate and business services locally, nationally and internationally throughout their career.

CPEX provides a full range of services for both real estate and business owners, through our innovative operating platform and entrepreneurial culture. CPEX implements a team-based approach in which each group is focused on a specific business line, product type and definitive specialization for each market. Real estate services include: sales, leasing, acquisitions and advisory. Business services include: sales, acquisition, and advisory.

CPEX adds additional resources and support to its teams. Each business line is backed by its own dedicated operations team. The operations team carries out tasks such as scheduling, preparing materials and documentation, client reporting, coordinating public relations, advertising and marketing efforts, and working with CPEX administration. Teams are further supported by our centralized in-house research, technology and marketing & media groups. This quality of support allows our sales force and advisory team to remain singularly focused on executing assignments. The CPEX operating platform consisting of multiple people working together in a specialized system is proven to achieve maximum results for our clients.

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