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Construction Software - UPro is Here – The Latest Cloud-Based Construction Solution from UBuildNet


  The Universal Building Network has announced the release of UPro, an affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based construction management solution designed to meet the 21st century needs of any size construction company.  UPro is construction software for handling projects, estimates, proposals, work orders, purchase orders, change orders, invoicing, and more, with easy-to-use templates customizable with the contractor’s logo and branding.   Seamlessly integrated with the communication, networking, and marketing features of, UPro lets construction professionals manage daily business operations from any Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone whether they are in the office, on the road, with a customer, at a construction site, or home finishing  up some business.  Says John Clark, UBuildNet’s founder and CEO, “UBuildNet’s team of construction pros share a vision for a specialized construction software product that works the way we in the construction industry work.  We started with social-media style communication and business networking.  Now, as part of the expanding construction software suite, UPro now lets us manage our projects wherever we are throughout the day.’”

  With the integration of UPro, UBuildNet has taken a leap towards a strategic goal to provide a single, integrated source for navigating the three critical components of construction business operations: contact and relationship management, project management, and financial management (which is planned for future release).   Says Clark, “The concept for UPro came from my own frustrations with construction software products that didn’t work the way construction pros work.  Also, the software out there either was too limited, too hard to use, or too expensive.  The social networking and marketing features of UBuildNet use communications, networking, and are similar to those  of popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, but customizes them expressly to meet the needs of the construction industry.”  Adds Clark, “The addition of UPro as a project management tool makes UBuildNet a comprehensive solution.  It’s completely integrated with the communications and networking aspects of daily construction operations.”

  Clark offered a situation familiar to many construction pros that illustrates how the software suite works: “Picture Joe who is a Builder.  Joe is up early and likes to check for communications from subcontractors and customers on his laptop before he leaves for work.  He logs into his account, checks his messages, and sends his replies, then gets into his truck and heads to the office.  He stops for coffee, and when he gets back in the truck, checks his UBuildNet account again, this time on his smart phone, to see if he has received any new updates or messages. When Joe gets to the office, he starts up his office PC and logs into his UBuildNet account again.  He needs to find a subcontractor to do some HVAC work for a new project, and uses the UBuildNet search function to network and make uConnections with potential partners.  He also uses the UBuildNet Toolbox to find a template for a contract, and proceeds to UPro to develop a job estimate, which he partially completes and saves for later.  He leaves the office to meet with a client, who asks him if he has photos of any of his work. The client lets Joe use his wireless tablet to log into Joe’s UBuildNet account, where Joe shows the client photos of his work featured in the UBuildNet Project Idea Gallery.  After Joe leaves the client, he stops at the site of another job in progress.  Joe realizes he needs to send a work order, so while he’s there at the site, Joe logs into UBuildNet on his smart phone to create a work order on the UPro project dashboard.  Joe returns to his office, where he is still logged into his UBuildNet account, checks for new messages, updates an estimate and completes a couple of purchase orders and invoices before closing up the office for the day.  Joe returns home, checks his messages one last time, and then posts some promotional content about his business via the Timeline on his home office PC before he shuts down and relaxes for the evening”.

  Clark sums up the story with the comment, “As a comprehensive, cloud-based construction software solution, goes where we construction pros go, does what we do, and works where we work.”

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