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Construction Software – The Power of the Cloud even on Clear Days


Cloud computing is a catchy phrase to describe nothing short of an incredible evolution in the work environment. What’s it really mean though? Not too long ago software came on a disc and was installed on a local computer or a server. If the software was installed on the office computer or a home office laptop the data was only available when the user was sitting in front of the computer. Servers allowed remote access, however this required some high end systems, specialized management, and costly internet connections. The cloud changed all of this in one simple way, by creating remote hosting. In many instances the software purchased today is more like a subscription service than a flat out purchase.

The cloud offers construction companies incredible opportunity.

Highlighting a few of the most important reasons the construction industry is making the transition to a cloud-based system.

Decreased Costs: Since a cloud based system is primarily a subscription service, getting started in the cloud costs significantly less than building your own server network. As an example’s UPro software is only $10 per month. Additionally, there’s no cost for continuous server maintenance and management.

Infinite Flexibility: The cloud lets construction professionals manage daily business operations from any Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone whether they are in the office, on the road, with a customer, at a construction site, or home finishing  up some business. The cloud becomes the requirement in order to stay competitive and increase efficiency!  

User Defined Scalability: No matter the size of the business; a single employee, or a company of thousands, the cloud can expand to fit the organizational needs of any business.

Security and System Integrity: Backups become a thing of the past as the user no longer needs to be concerned with data integrity. Cloud sites back up and store the data the company creates giving the user peace of mind. Many cloud sites also include integrated security protocols to protect the data from corruption or malicious users.

Construction companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions so that they can reduce their costs in an incredibly competitive environment. Utilizing the cloud was once a move reserved for big corporations. Now businesses with budgets of all sizes can reap the benefits of putting their software on the cloud. Visit today for a free 30 day trial, and try out cloud software designed by and for construction pros!

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