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Commercial Real Estate Training Launched for Practicing Residential Agents & Brokers


Rocklin, CA – January 20, 2014 - Straight Talk Commercial Real Estate Academy has officially launched its first line of real estate agent education programs.  The ‘Straight Talk’ name changes the game for real estate professionals across the country. These programs are designed for the practicing residential agent, broker, and Realtor® to add or transition their business into commercial real estate.

Co-founder Steve Walters has officially announced the launch of Straight Talk Commercial Real Estate Academy (STA). “After over 2 years of late nights and weekends at the office, not including our brokerage business, this is no longer just an idea but a reality.” Says Mr. Walters.

 The courses are open for enrollment at the academy’s website All course materials are online and on-demand for access 24/7. Unlike traditional online education, Straight Talk Academy education is interactive and engaging; utilizing visual, audio, and kinesthetic methods of content delivery. More importantly, it was designed to keep students paying attention (a common drawback of the online education model).

Accompanying the lessons, students have the opportunity to earn their CCP designation. CPP stands for Commercial Property Practitioner and will be awarded with high scores of 80% or greater. The CPP designation purpose is to give consumers confidence in their real estate professional.

"This is a really cool system," said Dusty Bates, the Chief Operating Officer of STA. "This system, for the first time makes it easy for any residential professional to learn. It’s an advanced system, yes, but also engaging and interactive. It’s unlike traditional forms of online learning. It pulls you in, gives you activities to do, it prevents boredom, and ultimately makes you want to continue learning.”

"There is a wonderful opportunity here," said Steve Harper, the President of STA. "and limitless potential for the Realtor® community as a whole to take advantage of a business market, that until now, has been untapped.”

The barrier between the residential world and commercial world has now been eliminated. Once Realtors® recognize the opportunity available today and the training that’s available; it will be a huge game changer for both the industry and agent’s pocketbook.

The company started building classes in late 2012, by commercial broker Stephen Harper and his two residential protégés turned commercial agents: Steven Walters and Dusty Bates. Initially they started giving live seminars to both investors and professionals. Mr. Harper began even earlier, giving real estate investment classes in Solano County, CA back in the early 2000’s. Before the start of these programs, there were no commercial training programs specifically made to aid residential professionals.

Straight Talk Commercial Real Estate Academy has already gathered quick momentum as the official training platform of NCCAR (Northern California Commercial Association of Realtors®) which has been tasked to support the commercial practitioners within the entire state of California. The company has commercial training speaking engagements booked up and down California and across the country for Realtor® associations and brokerages alike for 2015

With this launch, STA hopes to open new doors into the commercial real estate business sector. What’s coming in the future? More commercial real estate subjects and advanced programs are scheduled for release in 2015, and 2016 respectively. Their big goal however is to revolutionize real estate education nationwide.

For more information, please contact Steve Walters:

Phone number: 916-601-8658

Fax number: 877-288-2021

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