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Collaborative with CWC Member Carolynn Vineis, Vice President, North Star Signs, Inc in Fairfield NJ




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“Collaborate with Collaborative Women in Construction Member

Carolynn Vineis Vice President of Sales, North Star Signs, Inc.” 


Sparta, NJ (July 7th, 2015) Collaborate with Collaborative Women in Construction Member Carolynn Vineis, Vice President of Sales, North Star Signs, Inc.



Collaborate with CWC Member Carolynn Vineis

“Building Bridges by Design”


Carolynn Vineis, Vice President of Sales


Contact:          Carolynn Vineis, Vice President of Sales

Company:       North Star Signs, Inc.

Address:         66A Clinton Road Fairfield NJ 07004      

Office:             973 244-1144    

Cell:                973-714-0759



Dawn:               Describe your company and your   position?


Carolynn:        North Star Signs is an architectural sign company providing design, fabrication and installation of interior and exterior signs systems.


Dawn:               Tell us how to collaborate with your company?


Carolynn:        By code All buildings, no matter the market sector, need signs so any new construction or renovation typically would be a good contact. Branding / Logo changes or implementations are great. Architects, Property Managers, Facilities Departments.


Dawn:               Who are you looking to collaborate with?


Carolynn:        Anyone working with a construction/renovation project.


Dawn:               What is the best communication method to collaborate with you?


Carolynn:        email,


Dawn:               Why did you choose to be part of the Construction Industry?


Carolynn:        I enjoy having many different projects to see “come to life” and to be part of the team that gets it done.


Dawn:               What does Collaboration mean to you?


Carolynn:        Working together on a common goal to provide unique services as a “group”.


Dawn:               How do your products or services bring awareness to Due Diligence for your customers?


Carolynn:        No building can open without code signs, life safety, restrooms, accessibility, fire and egress are required for ANY construction.


Dawn:               What is one of your goals that you have accomplished?


Carolynn:        Starting a new business venture.


Dawn:               When Networking, what is one recommendation you can suggestion to CWC members?


Carolynn:         Ask questions and LISTEN.


Dawn:               How can CWC help grow your business?


Carolynn:        By seeing the value in referring me as part of your team.


Dawn:               Tell us about you, your hobbies or interests.


Carolynn:        I love to read, ski and lay on the beach.

Come meet our members on Friday, July 10th and learn how to network, collaborate and partner with our members to develop New Jersey and build bridges for Women in the field of Construction.

Mark your calendars for our next meeting networking luncheon, Friday, September 11th at Spuntino’s in Clifton.

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We look forward to collaborating with you on July 10th!

Dawn Johnson, Executive Director

About North Star Signs ,Inc
North Star Signs, Inc. is a Fairfield, NJ based SBE/MBE specializing in architectural signage design, fabrication and installation. Our state of the art fabrication facility is run by some of the best technicians in the business, allowing clients to design and fabricate their signage to unique specifications.  With over 27 years of experience, NSS has worked with companies from a wide variety of industries including corporate, education, healthcare, municipal, retail, residential and hospitality. Each of our dedicated, experienced professionals contributes their expertise to your signage project.


About Carolynn Vineis, Vice President, Sales 

Carolynn joined North Star Signs as Vice President of Sales in 2013. Prior to that, she was an account executive for 25 years in a New Jersey based architectural sign business. Carolyn has implemented signage standards programs for many of New Jersey's higher education and healthcare campuses. She is also responsible for the design and planning teams at North Star Signs.

About Collaborative Women in Construction:

Collaborative Women in Construction assists Women in the Construction industry by utilizing the strategy of collaboration to grow their careers, businesses, and clients. Collaboration opens doors to new projects, customers, colleagues, and expertise in the field of construction, allowing members to expand their strategic partnerships and diversifying their services to their customers. Membership is open to all business professionals, men and women in the construction industry. Business professionals outside the construction industry are welcome to join Collaborative Women in Construction as supporters of Women professionals in the construction industry. Our members include Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineers, Architects, Environmental Consultants, Developers, Real Estate Investors, Property Management, Real Estate Brokers, and commercial business professionals specializing in the construction industry including Attorneys, Accountants, Banks, Insurance Companies, Title Agencies, and Mortgage Companies to name a few. The construction industry is a vast market and many businesses participate in the construction, development, maintenance and due diligence of a building. These members include Fire Protection, Life Safety, Signage, Furniture, Electrical & Lighting, Mechanical, Restoration, Remediation and many more.

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