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Collaborate with CWC Member Katherine Depablos, Safety Supplies Unlimited


Collaborate with CWC Member Katherine Depablos

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Katherine Depablos, VP of Operations



Contact:           Katherine Depablos

Company:         Safety Supplies Unlimited

Address:           200 Broadway, Bayonne NJ 07002

Office:              201-436-4200

Cell:                 551-226-0706


Dawn:                    Describe your company and your position?

Katherine:            I’m the VP of Operations for Safety Supplies Unlimited, LLC, (SSU). We provide essential safety supplies and equipment to assist clients in the management of safe construction projects. Our company offers personal protective equipment (PPE) and fire safety protection services to the construction workforce to help ensure a safe work environment. Our safety supplies are from top brands such as MSA, 3M, Ergodyne, Pyramex, Little Giant Ladder, Zoll, and many more. We also provide fire extinguisher equipment and services to ensure your site is up to date with FDNY fire code. If you would like more information on our company, please visit us at

Dawn:                    Tell us how to collaborate with your company?

Katherine:            We are looking for memberships that will provide us the opportunity to learn, grow and network with women and men in the construction industry that may benefit from using our products. Our mission is to promote safety and provide the best quality products to our clients. 

Dawn:                    Who are you looking to collaborate with?

Katherine:            We are looking to collaborate with project managers, contractors, business owners, property managers, workers, employees and any individuals that make decisions on purchasing safety products for their company.  

Dawn:                    What is the best communication method to collaborate with you?

Katherine:            You may contact me via email or on my cell phone

Dawn:                    Why did you choose to be part of the Construction Industry?

KatherineI chose to be part of the construction industry because I have a passion for helping people and for safety and health as well. I’ve been in this industry for 11 years and the more I learn about safety the more I want to get involved and continue to spread safety awareness.

Dawn:               What does Collaboration mean to you?

Katherine: This collaboration will give me the opportunity to meet women in construction that I can learn from, network, and share ideas with. We all share the same passion and understand the problems or issues in the construction industry so we can discuss relevant topics and brainstorm possible solutions.

Dawn:                    How do your products or services bring awareness to Due Diligence for your customers?

Katherine:            Our safety products such as personal protective equipment, jobsite safety tools, and fire extinguishers all are used on construction sites to keep the workers and the public safe. Each employee has to do their due diligence choosing the right and fitted gear, wear it correctly and then receiving training on how to use it on the sites.

Dawn:                    What is one of your goals that you have accomplished?

Katherine:            Increasing sales in our company

Dawn:                    When Networking, what is one recommendation you can suggestion to CWC members?

Katherine:            Always treat a stranger like a friend. You will quickly build a connection with someone you’re networking with which can lead to a long lasting relationship.

Dawn:                    How can CWC help grow your business?

Katherine:            CWC can help us grow our business by advertising on their emails, flyers or any promotional material and by introducing our company to the members.

Dawn:                    Tell us about you, your hobbies or interests.

Katherine:            I love to spend time with my family, read, and meet new people.


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