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Coastal Risk & Yep Insurance Announce Partnership to Provide Enhanced Flood Insurance Data and Tools


Online Flood Risk Reports now available on Yep Insurance's quoting platform!

Coastal Risk & Yep Insurance have announced a partnership today that presents a new-found hope for the challenging issues surrounding the complicated risks of flooding and the side-effects that come along with misunderstanding this unique force of nature. 

While thousands of Americans are currently struggling to recover from the aftermath of devastating floods occurring with greater frequency across our country, millions of consumers are drowning in skyrocketing flood insurance premiums. As if that isn't enough, there has not been sufficient access to the proper resources to help those in need to accurately understand their specific exposures to flooding. 

In order to protect lives and property values, it is critical that the latest technology and modeling be used to plan for mitigation and provide for wider access to low-cost flood insurance alternatives. This is now possible through the powerful combination of Coastal Risk's cutting-edge flood risk technology and Yep Insurance's robust all-access flood insurance quoting platform.

Consumers, insurance agents, real estate investors, and lenders will now be able to access the entire market of low-cost flood insurance alternatives, including the NFIP, in one simple place at Alongside this powerful quoting mechanism, there will be three types of flood risks available for every coastal property in the US, using high-resolution elevation data and proprietary algorithms. Through Coastal Risk's Flood Risk Screening Report, the FIRST Score®, and/or a detailed Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ Report, clients will be provided maps showing when and where flooding is projected to occur. One of the defining trends of property management will be evaluating flood risks by taking tidal flooding and sea level rise into account. Yep Insurance has opened its platform to both insurance professionals and consumers as a Wholesaler/MGA and is currently servicing more than 200 insurance agencies and growing.

The combination of Yep Insurance and Coastal Risk brings a win-win scenario to consumers and insurance professionals and will be the new standard in the marketplace for flood insurance and risk analysis. To learn more or gain access to this program you can visit or


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