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Camp Better America & Regus - Return the Salute!


Camp Better America & Regus!!

We are pleased to announce our newest National Charity – Camp Better America!

 It’s an organization that focuses on the reconnection process for military families after their service member returns from war.  They bring the entire family to a camp where they help prepare them to reunite as a family and with the next chapter of their lives outside of the military – completely free for the service member and their family. 

We are launching the campaign on Memorial Day and running it through July 4th.  Our goal is to raise enough to send at least 50 families to the camp (averaging $200 in donations from each Regus location). 

Stop by the nearest Regus location and purchase a wrist band.

Visit: www.campbetter
o Click on the ‘donate button’ in the top
right hand corner of the home page.

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