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Santa Ana, CA: The Washington, DC appeals court approved the FCC’s ruling that qualifies the internet as a utility.  Couple with, the onslaught of the internet of things, IOT commercial property owners have to deliver reliable connectivity to retain and obtain tenants to their properties.  Where can commercial real estate professionals go for insight and valuable information to fulfill consumer demand for superior connectivity for their businesses and residences?  In-building Forums a series of peer-to-peer conferences designed for CRE decision makers, facility management, developers and architects.  The one-day educational conference series will provide attendees powerful information to analyze challenges, review alternatives moreover, offer potential solutions for in-building connectivity.


Over 80%, mobile traffic is originating or terminating within a building, it is a priority that employees have access to strong and reliable cellular coverage to use their mobile devices.  “Subscribers and employees expect wireless coverage and capacity the same as they expect running water or electricity from a building.”  N. Marshal, ABI Research.


The CommScope & Coleman Parkes Research report shows, over 80% of building owner, facility managers, and architects agree that in-building wireless (IBW) connectivity and adequate coverage for their facilities is imperative to their success. 


 “In order for owners to see the greatest value increase in their investment, the building must be able to attract and keep the most credit-worthy tenants.  New  building coming out of the ground will already have the latest technology available, so existing buildings have to able to offer similar connectivity.”  Susan Hammer, Vice President/General Manager JLL.


In-building Forums will take place in Dallas - February 16th, New York -  April 27th , Chicago - June 8th , and Silicon Valley -  September 28th . 

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About Transforums:

Transforums has 10+ years of producing conferences for wireless industry experts and executives.  We have developed relationships with the industry thought leaders, magazines and associations to provide insightful data that, attendees they can use. 

We have featured vertical case study at various conferences in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and St Louis.  We arranged site tours of DAS systems at stadiums and residential areas.



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