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Brick & Mortar retail loses ground to the e-commerce retailing


Internet Retailer reported that the retail industry grew as a whole in 2011, but e-commerce remains the fastest growing channel. The U.S. retail sales as measured by the U.S. Department of Commerce grew year over year about 5.5% to $2.88 trillion, the U.S. e-commerce sales grew 16.1% to $194.3 billion in 2011 from $167.3 billion in the prior year. All Top 500 retailers including those based in the U.S. and Canada grew sales year over year 20.4% to $180.73 billion.

Amazon continues to outpace the market as the number 1 e-retailer increasing its sales 40.6% to $48.08 billion in 2011 from $34.20 billion in 2010. Amazon's growth rate was double that of the Top 500 e-retailers as a whole, including Amazon. With Amazon, the Top 500 e-retailers grew 14.4%.

Store based retailers grew year over year by 14.7% to $64.63 billion, while the Top 500 catalog/call center companies increased their combined web sales about 12.3% to $22.32 billion. Collectively, the consumer brand manufacturers ranked in the 2012 Top 500 grew their combined web sales year over year about 12% to $20.4 billion.

Internet retailer 2011 survey reported Wal mart moved up to rank in third position with Apple in fourth position. reported the top 10 Internet retailers in the U.S, by Online Revenues in 2009 and 2010 included:

Rank Company

1 Amazon

2 Staples

3 Apple

4 Dell

5 Office Depot

6 Walmart

7 Sears

8 Liberty Media Group

9 Office Max

10 CDW

Nine of the top ten brick and mortar retailers have mobile commerce sites and/or apps, according to a new study by retail systems provider CrossView. Seven of the top 10 retailers enable order on mobile/pick-up in store.

The top 10 retailers, based on sales estimates from research firm Hoovers are Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's, Macy's, Sears Holding Corp, Staples, Target, Walgreen and Apple is the merchant that does not offer a mobile commerce site or mobile app for its core computing business.

All top retailers displayed the same price for merchandise in their web stores and mobile sites. Eight of the top 10 retailers allow customers to use their mobile devices to see if products are in stock at a particular store. And nine of the top 10 retailers display sales and marketing promotions on their mobile sites

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