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Bornstein & Bornstein: Legal Victory – Landlord/Tenant Unlawful Detainer Court Trial


Bornstein & Bornstein: Legal Victory – Landlord/Tenant Unlawful Detainer Court Trial

Jesse Tepper v. Afreen Wahab, SF Superior Court Case #14-648926

San Francisco, CA September 30, 2014– The Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein, a boutique real estate law firm with offices in San Francisco and Oakland, continues its outstanding record of success in representing real estate investors by securing a trial victory in a heated landlord/tenant dispute. 

Before Honorable Judge Peter Busch, Daniel Cheung conducted a trial seeking the removal of the occupants from the premises at issue due to the termination of their tenancy.

The facts of the case were as follows: Plaintiff entered into a written agreement with the defendants approximately ten years ago. Plaintiff properly served a termination of tenancy notice. Defendants refused to vacate the premises, claiming the termination was retaliatory, not in good faith and violated both California and San Francisco Law. Defendants further claimed the premises were not habitable. The Bornstein client denied the defendants’ claims and affirmed the landlord’s right to terminate the tenancy per law.

Judge Busch evaluated the competing allegations, considered the evidence and found quickly for plaintiff, rejecting all of defendants’ arguments. Judgment was granted for possession of the premises, allowing for an immediate eviction, as well as a monetary judgment in the amount of $9,076.78. After many months of feeling victimized by the defendants’ conduct, the landlord finally recovered control over his San Francisco rental property. Once again, The Law Office of Bornstein & Bornstein successfully accomplished the goal set by its client, and through the use of the litigation process, preserved his real estate investment.

Whether facing civil litigation, unlawful detainer disputes and/or broker/agent claims, the Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein possesses the resources available to manage your disputes to successful resolution – through negotiated settlement or, if necessary, a trial.

The Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein is ready to serve you should the need arise.  The Bornstein legal team is comprised of the following attorneys: Daniel Bornstein, Jonathan Bornstein, Kathryn Quetel, Daniel Cheung and Liana Ayrapetyan. This firm is a leading legal resource for property owners and real estate professionals/investors in the SF Bay Area.

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