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Atlas Real Estate Group Continues Momentum with Team Additions and Promotions


Atlas Real Estate Group, a full-service realty group specializing in real estate investments, brokerage and property management, today recognizes the significant growth of its team and the promotion of four team members.

In 2018, the Atlas team evolved and expanded as the year progressed and the company grew. Additions to the property management team included Maria Estes and Erika Ojeda-Louvier, while Lisa Schoen, Keenan Meyer, Bryan Szabaturaand Andrew Guterman joined Atlas' Zillow Offers team.

In addition to recent hires, Jason Jones, Ryan Denison, Becky Slaughter and Brian Bellew were all promoted to regional managers. This group of leaders will be overseeing property managers, maintaining owner relations and providing full-service asset management. The new regional managers are well-educated industry veterans and have been a part of the Atlas team for 3-6 years.

"Having been on the Atlas team for six years, it's been rewarding to be able to develop professionally and keep pace with the company's development," said Jason Jones, a recently promoted regional manager. "My fellow regional managers and I are rising to the occasion by embracing greater responsibility."

Regional manager Brian Bellew added, "I'm grateful to be recognized, and personally speaking, it motivates me to raise the bar to an even higher level of service and support for owners and residents."

Atlas Real Estate Group also eclipsed over 2,500 units of property under management. At this scale, adding more managers to the team was imperative and the additions have been both seamless and successful.

"The growth of property management has allowed us to expand our footprint in Colorado and add skilled professionals to our team, reinforcing Atlas' ability to build successful teams and businesses," said Nick Mertens, VP of Property Management.  "Each of the regional managers cited have made unique contributions and have had a positive impact on our overall operations."

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