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Archipelago Creates Community In Collaboration With Atlas Real Estate Group, Hosting Events In Atlas Properties


Atlas Real Estate Group, a full-service realty group specializing in real estate investments, brokerage and property management, announces the collaboration between Atlas and Archipelago Clubs.

Archipelago Clubs was founded in 2018 by Jason Shepherd and Ryan Boykin, Atlas co-founders and partners, and Jared Marquette and Nora Claire.

Archipelago is a new, multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to helping community members discover their best selves at the edge of their comfort zone. Archipelago welcomes all members, providing communal spaces built on dynamic experiences, deep personal connection and human betterment.

The former Zang Mansion, home of Atlas’ Denver office, underwent an Attic renovation, and this beautifully redesigned space, in addition to the Atlas-owned Garage and soon-to-open Basement properties, host Archipelago events. These properties serve both organizations as they rapidly grow and expand.

Atlas team members are encouraged to participate in programs, ultimately providing them with the opportunity to better themselves and the work they do for clients. Everyone is encouraged to use the spaces like their own home.

“There are many better ways to live, experience and learn from life and others, and Archipelago gives people the opportunity to create points of collision with each other to build a robust community,” said Nora Claire, Archipelago Co-Founder. “Archipelago offers members thought-provoking talks, sound ceremonies, meditations and a variety of experiences that recharge mind, body and soul.”

Earlier this month, Archipelago celebrated its one-year anniversary and invited community members to experience Sounds of Summer. This lively weekend celebration included interactive art, live performances, wellness and connection workshops and plant-based food and drinks.

“Our team understands the importance of reimagining under-utilized real estate, and the Atlas-Archipelago spaces are prime examples of fully utilizing space,” said Jason Shepherd, Atlas Co-Founder. “Atlas is working on an online platform, venUse, to provide a promising solution for entrepreneurs and creatives to activate and energize their businesses through shared space.”

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