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Aquicore Announces Integration of its Energy Management Solution with Angus AnyWhere® Operations Management Software


Today Aquicore, the leader of the emerging connected environment, announced the integration of its energy data solution with Angus AnyWhere®, the leading operations management software for commercial real estate from Angus Systems. By sharing meter data, the two companies will allow property management customers to breathe a sigh of relief when billing tenants and issuing work orders. The integration of the two solutions will improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of tenant billing solutions for its mutual commercial real estate customers.   

The integration provides commercial real estate owners with a fully automated solution for collecting meter and submeter data, calculating bill payments, and automatically pushing that data into Angus AnyWhere® for the purpose of generating work orders and invoices for tenants. As a result, building managers can cut down on labor costs, rectify incorrect billing charges, and often save thousands of dollars in the process.

The Aquicore-Angus AnyWhere® integration will enable clients’ submeter data to flow seamlessly from start to finish, reducing a long manual process to a few clicks. Aquicore’s solution will eliminate the need to manually walk to meters or work in spreadsheets, which will help customers save time and money. With Angus AnyWhere®, users will automate sending out utility bills and work orders. By integrating Aquicore’s energy solution with Angus AnyWhere®, customers of the two companies will have the best of both worlds so they can focus on what matters most: providing the best possible experience to tenants.

“Our partnership with Aquicore expands our technology solutions for commercial real estate, allowing building managers to accurately streamline processes in real-time and minimize complexities that stand in the way of overseeing more efficient buildings,” said Chris Gale, CEO of Angus Systems. 

This announcement advances Aquicore’s mission to connect physical environments and devices to cloud-based software applications that help stakeholders build more comfortable, sustainable and profitable global environments.

“As our platform continues to integrate with additional software providers, our customers will benefit from both the easy transfer of real-time data and new ways to solve business problems such as tenant billing,” said Logan Soya, Aquicore’s Founder and CEO. “The integration with Angus AnyWhere® is part of Aquicore’s ongoing effort to develop seamlessly ‘connected environments’ and provides momentum for more integrations to come in 2016.”

About Aquicore

Aquicore offers comprehensive energy analytics and automation solutions for commercial real estate with a vision toward ‘connecting environments’. An emerging leader in energy management systems for powering the connected environment, Aquicore delivers an integrated, full-stack solution that enables rapid deployment, flexibility and scalability to fit the needs of each customer. Building owners, managers, and engineers as well as sustainability teams rely on Aquicore for the intelligence they need to operate more efficiently.

Founded in 2013 by Logan Soya, Aquicore technology is now deployed in over 500 buildings across the United States. For more visit

About Angus Systems Group

Angus Systems is the industry leader in operations management software for commercial real estate.

Through the continual, innovative advancement of its comprehensive suite of software, Angus Systems makes it easy for building owners, property managers, tenants, and staff to manage their operations and measure sustainability practices.

With the most skilled, tenured and knowledgeable team in the industry, Angus Systems is committed to the relentless betterment of its software and services and to delivering the industry’s leading products.

Today, Angus Systems supports more than 1.9 billion square feet of commercial real estate across North America and is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with corporate offices located in New Jersey and Los Angeles.

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