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Actovia Lead-Generating Software for Commercial Real Estate Introduces New Features: Information on Foreclosures and Zoning Geared Toward Developers, NYC Market Newcomers, and Other CRE Pros


Adjustments to Changes in the Real Estate Market


Since it launched in 2011, real estate software company Actovia Commercial Mortgage Intelligence has experienced remarkable growth, offering its users the most up-to-date property, financing, and ownership information for lead generation and comps. Actovia counts many of the giants of the commercial real estate and mortgage brokerage industries among its clients.


Now, responding to record-breaking investment sales numbers and an all-time high in development in the NYC market, Actovia is introducing two new listings categories, targeted specifically at commercial mortgage financing and real estate investment sales brokers, deal syndicators, commercial banks, and service companies serving commercial real estate owners.


The first category, “Zoning,” allows individuals to search for buildings by square footage and development potential.


The second, “Judgments and Liens,” identifies properties under foreclosure, lis pendens, and other types of liens. These properties can be searched according to creditor, date, and consideration amount. Further information is provided with regards to landmark designation, owner occupancy percentage, and lot proximity.



An Ever-Growing Selection of Search Options


These new search options are in addition to the large number already available to Actovia subscribers, which includes not only owner contact information, a dossier on their portfolio, and the latest updates on potential sale properties, but an abundance of otherwise hard-to-find financing data as well—on loans and financing for specific properties (CMBS, FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA/HUD), prepayment penalty details, prepayment reset dates, deed transfer contracts, and more. This wealth of information enables brokers to access leads on properties that are ripe for finance or transfer before they’re listed anywhere else.


Actovia CMI offers an opportunity to find potential deals through multi-level queries, for every type of commercial property—multifamily dwellings, office and retail space, health care facilities, garages, and vacant land for development.



Other features include a customer relationship management (CRM) database, where essential information on important contacts can be stored.  The CRM database interfaces with Outlook.


The software boasts a high customer retention rate.  Some users have been known to secure deals during the free trial period the company offers.


As one of our subscribers put it best, “The only way to fail with this product is to not use it.”



For further information, please contact 732.987.9870, or check out our website to request more info or set up your free trial.




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