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Actovia Brings Commercial Real Estate Intelligence to New Jersey


Lead-Generating Software for CRE and Finance Builds on Success in NYC Market; Next Step Toward Nationwide Coverage

Two and a Half Years of Expansion Prompts Move Into New Territory

Since it launched in 2011, real estate software company Actovia Commercial Mortgage Intelligence has experienced remarkable growth, offering its users the most up-to-date property, financing, and ownership information for lead generation and comps.  It now counts many of the giants of the commercial real estate & mortgage brokerage industries among its clients.  Based on this enthusiastic reception, company President and CEO Jonathan Ingber has decided to extend the scope of his business into New Jersey.  He sees it as the next logical step toward covering the real estate market in all fifty states.

“The New Jersey market is a challenge, because it’s more fragmented, and leads are harder to uncover.  This shows there’s an even greater need for this type of comprehensive information in New Jersey than there is in New York City,” Ingber says.

With Actovia’s subscription-based software, CRE professionals can access hard-to-find financing information on commercial properties—lender, loan amount, loan rate, loan expiration dates, prepayment penalty details, prepayment reset dates, loan-to-value amounts, potential properties for sale, deed transfer details, and more—enabling brokers to locate properties that are ripe for finance or transfer.  Actovia’s state-of-the-art program allows them to access leads before they’re listed anywhere else. 

Actovia CMI is far more than an inventory of properties.  It offers an opportunity to find potential deals through multi-level queries, for every type of commercial property—multifamily dwellings, office and retail space, health care facilities, garages, and vacant land for development.

A Tool For All Aspects of the Real Estate Business

It’s an invaluable aid for anyone from investment sales firms to solo deal syndicators.  Searches can be conducted by owner name, address, phone, and reverse phone.  A landlord’s entire portfolio can be viewed at a glance, so it’s easy to spot the locations of the buildings and the mix of property types portfolio.   A simple search provides all the facts on who’s lent to the borrower and at what terms of leverage their portfolio was purchased at. Mortgage brokers can approach potential leads armed with full knowledge of that prospect’s individual circumstances.  And finally, building service providers can more easily expand their customer base by zeroing in on their target market.

The program is designed to be a time-saver for anyone in the mortgage or real estate fields.  This all-in-one database employs a development tool called Silverlight, which is also used by Netflix to stream movies.  According to Ingber, it “behaves more like a desktop application, with little or no load-time, while working as a cloud-based end-to-end solution.”  The visuals are clean and easy to read—for instance, area sales and finance activity are displayed in a colorful bar graph.  The system allows for multilevel queries, enabling the user to make their search as broad or as specific as necessary.

Other features include a customer relationship management (CRM) database, where essential information on important contacts can be stored.  The CRM database interfaces with Outlook.

The software boasts a high customer retention rate.  Some users have been known to secure deals during the free trial period the company offers.

Although, as with any sophisticated software program, there is a learning curve, Actovia makes sure new clients become well-versed in manipulating the program’s information to suit their exact needs.  Once mastered, all that’s required is a bit of creativity on the part of the user to make unlimited query variations, and reveal countless undiscovered opportunities.  

“An Indispensable Tool”

Ingber says he wants it known how passionate he is about his product.  “We worked hard to see to every detail, to make its operation as intuitive as possible.  Our customers report that it’s become an indispensable tool for their business."

Looking ahead, he says there are plans to expand operations further, into upstate New York.  The projected date is later in 2014.  After New Jersey, he says, operations will be expanded into upstate New York. 

Ingber’s final comment is an absolute testament to his faith in Actovia’s effectiveness.  “The only way to fail with this product is to not use it,” he says.

For further information, please contact Actovia President and CEOJonathan Ingber, at 732.987.9870, or


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