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30% of Home Buyers Purchase a House after viewing its Housefax Report®


WASHINGTON, May 18, 2016 – Housefax today announced results of a survey that shows 30% of home buyers purchase a house after viewing its Housefax Report. From those who did not purchase a house after viewing its Housefax Report, the number one reason provided was the price of the home.

Furthermore, an additional survey revealed that 68% of respondents submitted an offer within two weeks of viewing the Housefax Report. And when asked if Housefax played a role in their decision, another 68% of respondents said “yes.”

“We always knew that Housefax Reports help turn window-shoppers into confident buyers and now we have evidence,” said Eddy Lang, CEO of Housefax. “At the end of the day, most Housefax Reports are a good news story, meant to create peace of mind so potential home buyers are comfortable with their decision. In fact, our records indicate that only 1 in 10 previously downloaded Housefax Reports show a reported incident.”

In addition to reported incidents, Housefax Property History Reports include valuable information that can influence a home buyer’s decision including voluntary liens, natural hazards, permit history, utilities and more. This information is not typically found on other listing sites and complements the MLS system.

“Home buyers need lots of questions answered before they feel confident about buying a home,” said Jennifer Young, the number one Keller Williams agent in Virginia. “I recently used a Housefax Report in the middle of a home inspection negotiation and was able to show that the basement was permitted, which was one of the requests of the home buyers.” Young added, “This transparency secured the buyers decision to move forward with the transaction.”

Housefax offers discounted Reports to real estate agents via Housefax PRO™, a subscription program for real estate professionals. To learn more about Housefax PRO, visit:



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