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2016 Commercial Real Estate Projections Revealed in Integra Realty Resources’ Viewpoint


NEW YORK—January 12, 2016—Integra Realty Resources’ (IRR) annual Viewpoint 2016 report reveals that 2016 will see a positive impact on commercial real estate rents, occupancy, and values due to increased job creation. In the coming year, there will be a return of global capital into mature, developed European economies, but the U.S. will maintain more than its fair share of foreign capital investment allocations. Yet, some abatement in capital inflows would be a welcome cooling to the feverish asset pricing of 2015. IRR’s report also predicts that “home office wealth” will continue to migrate family money directly into U.S. real estate investment.

Viewpoint 2016 is the industry’s annual compendium of real estate valuation, investment, and leasing trends and projections, providing data, analysis, and forecasts on local and national CRE market conditions for capital markets, office, multifamily, retail, industrial, hospitality, self-storage, senior housing, medical office buildings, and auto dealerships.

“Real estate markets are always changing, and as a result, Viewpoint’s comprehensive analyses of the state and direction of industry evolve as well,” said Michael Welch, chairman of Integra Realty Resources. “The aggregated cap rate data we will provide to our clients in 2016 will enable them to drive real-time insights into the changing markets. In addition to a detailed overview of core and specialty property types, Viewpoint 2016 also examines trends from the economy, interest rates, capital markets, and housing and how this will affect CRE markets.”

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