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10 Trending Real Estate News Stories On The News Funnel


Here are the most popular news headlines this week on The News Funnel:

1China Buzzards Look For Property Deals – The Wall Street Journal

2. Petsmart Explores Possible Sale of Company – USA Today

3Family Dollar Rejects Dollar General Offer – New York Post

4. Housing Starts Rebound in U.S. as Inflation Eases: Economy – Bloomberg

5. Rising Rents to the Rescue? – National News

6. L.A. area nation’s most expensive housing market – Pasadena Star-News

7. Monday’s Numbers: August 18, 2014 - ULI

8. Home Flipping Wanes as U.S. Investors Find Fewer Bargains - Bloomberg

9. U.S. Home Size Levels Off, for Now at Least – The Wall Street Journal

10. Are Apt. Tenants Doubling Up Again? - National News

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08/22/2014 - 10:42


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