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10 Trending Real Estate News Stories on The News Funnel


Here are the most popular news headlines this week on The News Funnel:

1Spring, an E-Commerce Start-Up, Aims at Mobile Shopping – The New York Times

2. US foreclosure activity rises in July, but no cause for alarm: RealtyTrac – CNBC Real Estate

3J.C. Penney earnings enthuse Wall Street – USA Today

4. Record Income Gap Fuels US Housing Weakness – CNBC Real Estate

5. Q2 Results Show Broad Gains in Pricing – National News

6. Live in a multi-million dollar home for $2,500 – CNN Money

7. Self-Storage Making Big Strides - National News

8. Rising rent squeezes Middle America - HousingWire

9. Self-Storage Making Big Strides – National News

10. Higher Housing Costs Aren’t Likely to Fade Soon, Cleveland Fed Study Says - The Wall Street Journal

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08/15/2014 - 09:16


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