Millenials and their perspective on CRE

There’s a lot of buzz around millennials lately, positive and negative, and it’s no surprise. The millennial generation, born from 1980 to 2004, currently makes up one third of the population in the United States and is entering the workforce and the economy in droves. As such, they are the driving force behind the changes in business which are yet to come, even in commercial real estate, traditionally considered to be very slow in keeping up with high tech trends.

No life without internet

One aspect that separates millennials from all other generations is that they are the first ones to grow up not remembering life without the internet, and they have no desire of returning to those times, either. As such, they are used to their smart phones, applications, cloud services and easy communication – in general, millennials favor easy accessibility to information. For commercial real estate, this means a more immersive experience – no more lists with basic information. Instead, they will expect lots of photos, and preferably the use of new technologies, such as VR or drone footage to get a glimpse into the property without having to visit the building. Aargo’s new platform aims to fill this precise gap – we offer real, detailed pictures with real pricing, we present you with the floor plans, and where applicable, we will give you VR tours of the property you’re interested in.

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