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Thailand Retirement

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Thailand Alzheimer House

In rich, developed countries, there are so many Alzheimer’s sufferers being taken care of by their families at home. But eventually, they will need professional care, and nobody wants to send their loved ones somewhere cold and clinical. This is where Asia Care comes in with dedicated retirement house and separate specialized unit on dementia.

More than 80 percent of current assisted living house residents have significant memory problems or full dementia. With younger family members footing the bill, the cost of a good residential house is out of reach for many, causing some families to consider options outside of their own national borders.

Alzheimer's quality care facilities are more important than location as those with the disease can adjust well. Alzheimer disease positive transition has less to do with the move itself than the way in which the staff and new environment accommodates the person living with dementia. Alzheimer disease is a long term care that request 24/24 assistance, dedicated safe environment like provided to Pattaya retirement house in Thailand. "The pain of this disease is often felt more by family who still hold the memories instead of those who've lost them."

How is Alzheimer’s disease treated?

Currently, Alzheimer’s disease has no cure. Medications are used to temporarily alleviate the symptoms by improving the ability to manage regular activities or enhancing memory. Most of these medications are cholinesterase inhibitors and they are used to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine (a natural substance in the brain), which carries the signals between the neurons. Asia Care center retirement house generally don't require drugs to stay calm or locked doors to keep them safe. Instead, they're never without an attendant, so they have the benefit of continuous human interaction and supervision.

Thailand Retirement House

 Thailand Retirement House Resort, is a assisted living facility that describes itself as basically being a four-star hotel, except with required care at the press of a button do not represent the view of an institutionalized nursing home selling point for elder care house in Thailand. You can get advice on many Pattaya  real estate agencies that sale house and condo. Asia care has elderly designed apartment and similar hotel facilities with day tour, activity travel agency, shopping arcade, restaurant, SPA, massage, beauty salon, hair dresser, and many other amenities but it’s not a hotel.

'A resort, not a hospital'

Asia Care led the way to offer a $20 million property investment  in Pattaya    resort set to open in the coming year for a retirement community in Thailand set 26,400sqm of Natural Park as four-star resort.  Those who end up staying at a facility being built in the outlying Rayong city, located  at 20km of the well know Pattaya city with international hospital and shopping mall at 15km from the  nearest airport 5mn from sandy beach with mountains site view and  all amenities that would be tough for its American counterparts to match, including a clubhouse with a SPA/massage room and beauty parlor, a restaurants, tea & bakery pavilions, shopping arcade and clinic with soaring ceilings and skylights in manicured tropical park.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner is often eaten together and on most afternoons, the group gathers to swim, snack and relax on deck chairs. Regular inside and outside activities are organized because we believe these stimuli help delay degeneration. Movement is important. Tensions are also relieved if they have freedom to move. Our complex Facility allows our guests a lot of dedicated space in & out who does not pose a danger to them.  The idea is that this is a resort, not a hospital that has been specifically designed and managed in symbiosis by experienced Hotelier and doctors.  

Pattaya Alzheimer

Going up are 420 apartments in low rise pavilions, for retirement in Thailand including assisted living and independent living. Separate unit of 100 apartments, specially designed and dedicated for Alzheimer patient with facility for visiting family members. Around-the-clock care will be provided by a international staff of 150, including doctor’s, head nurses and   licensed Thai nurse specialized for elderly and/or Alzheimer disease to unsure every patient are never without an attendant, so they have the benefit of continuous human interaction and supervision to feel part of a community family as that's very important. All Alzheimer patients are receiving personal around-the-clock care all for $3,900 per month or less if you are interested on Pattaya property investment.(only few unit are available on sale)

These unique assisted living property are the result of combined international research made on how to keep this vulnerable population safe and relatively happy for the remainder of their days. Specific arrangement to travel accompanied with our travel care nurse will bring you and or parent safely to our facilities, to your family or anywhere you need at reduced price offered by Asia Care Travel Agency.   

Thailand Retirement

Thailand is known for medical tourism. There, the cost of nursing care is significantly lower, and yet care quality remains high, according to most reports. Thai culture places a large emphasis on looking after its elderly, which has paved the way for a different approach to care and make the difference for people who enjoy Thailand retirement in our assisted living complex. A basic residential care package in Pattaya retirement  is closer to $2,000 per month and that package is likely to be more comprehensive. Property investment option is still available for those who prefer buy instead to rent their Pattaya house in the complex. Within each house, residents have their own large bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.  They buy their groceries at the supermarket and get their medical needs tended at the patient clinic.

 Pattaya House  Asia Care villages offer excellent individual care for a moderate monthly price.   The property offer  different designs ranging from studios to one- and two-bedroom apartment, each fully furnished and equipped with a full nursing care station. Sightseeing excursions, onsite entertainment, restaurant, tea bakery, SPA Massage, beauty salon are part of their treatment to provide the most normal life possible.

There is only one way in and one way out... all doors open automatically, except those to the outside world. The Alzheimer unit village set on 6000sqm within 25400sqm of the natural park where stands the assisted living complex with the specific needs of dementia patients in mind, designed around common and familiar social and cultural building essence. For example, residents with shared interests share together "lifestyle-groups,” where the residents manage their own households, in terms of washing, cooking, etc., with the help of staff members playing various roles. Retirement in Thailand may be cheaper but quality of infrastructure and services are higher.

Pattaya assisted living

The real estate  has all sorts of amenities, including a cafe and parks with gardens and fountains along streets where the residents can freely walk and rest as staff are everywhere blending in , the restaurant, grocery store,  theater, Garden,  giving the residents  to not feel they are caretakers, but instead feeling to be  their own property in Pattaya village.

Couples or friends are welcome to stay together, and exercise regular activities are encouraged, such as trips to the mega-malls in the city or some light gardening work on their small organic vegetable farm. An attitude shared by Asia Care is that guests should fill their days with stimulating activities to give them not only enjoyment and a mental workout, but also a sense of purpose and a will to live.  At Asia Care guests can make music, cook, paint, play golf, use the variety game available in shared salon, walk with their pets, have a massage, or even get a haircut at the on-site barber shop. Filling their lives with the little, conventional things go a long way in reassuring older people that everything is in its right place, despite the fact that they might be living halfway across the world from their relatives.

Do contact Asia care for more information.

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