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RE:Tech 2015 Mid Year Report

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Investors Place Big Bets on Real Estate Tech as they pour over $322 million in 2015

Since the start of 2015, venture capital investors have poured over $322 million into 83 deals, globally. mix of traditional VC money coupled with corporate VCs, hedge funds, private and private equity is creating a potent cocktail in 2015. 2015 has started with over $21 million deals in the US, representing 68% of the market in terms of funding. The massive funding figure was largely driven by market leading platforms in crowdfunding and marketplace/­curated web in both residential and commercial real estate.

Some of the sectors significant deals include, Sharestates (NYC) with $30 million, Cadres (NYC) with $18.3 million, Zig Bang (Seoul) with $18 million, CommonFloor (India) with $15 million RealtyShares (San Francisco) with $10 million, RealMassive (Austin) with $8 million, SquareYards (India) with $8 million, and Honest Buildings (NYC) with $5 million.


Release Date08/10/2015 - 20:15



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