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Five Ways to Get Your Name to the People that Matter in Business

Published By: Vernon Jones


Your Network is Your Net Worth, blah, blah, and blah. I’m SICK of this line. It’s played out and not realistic. There are pros in the real estate game that have 5,000 friends on Facebook, but if they do not know how to utilize their “friends”, then what’s the use? They may look cool in cyberspace and in real life nobody knows them.  I’ve been in the real estate game since 18 years old and now at 24 I can say that my personal network is vast and stronger than most veterans’. As the owner of the Real Estate Media Company, Live Open House, and a serial event networker, I’ve been able to create lasting relationships with the Nation’s biggest hitters such as Harry Macklowe, Robert Knakal, Paul Massey, Anthony Lolli. Walmart Execs and countless world-renowned conference coordinators. Here are 5 principles that I keep to network business efficiently:

5. Never Judge – Your next big break could come from a 3rd party, not necessarily a direct contact to the bigger than life person you would like to connect with.

4. Be Aggressive – The big boys and girls in the game do not relate to sheeple, aka sheepish people.

3. Practice Utmost Confidence – The reality is that your confidence should be borderline cocky! The higher ups will not waste breath if you give a nervous handshake.

2. Do Your Research – You need to know the big dogs that are attending upcoming events. In 2012 we have hundreds of reliable sources to find out personal and business information about almost every executive on the planet. USE THEM to get insider information that can make you stand out from the rest of the schmucks trying to make a lasting impression.

1. Make Connections within Seconds – This is a skill that takes years of practice to master and is by far the most important. The person on the other side of your conversation does not genuinely care what you do; all they want to know is how YOU can help THEM. In that first sentence of introduction, your mind must go from zero to hero by finding a distinct connection where a mutually beneficial business arrangement can be made. This will solidify a follow-up conversation, getting closer to a successful connection.

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