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The Epiphany: Physical and Digital Worlds Collide in Marketing

Published By: Vernon Jones
  1. At a TED Conference, Pepsico’s Digital Marketing Expert, Shiv Singh, said

“Don’t forget the impact of offline influencers. It is getting more difficult to separate online peer influence from offline peer influence as social internet marketing blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds. As a result, it is necessary to remember the effect that offline social activity has on purchasing decisions”

There are three components to Singh’s quote:

Physical: The best way to describe the ‘Physical’ aspect of marketing is breaking it down to its raw definition, which refers to something tangible. It can be touched or felt with one’s hands. An example of a social media platform that can be confused with ‘Physical’ marketing is Foursquare. Although a Foursquare user is “checking in” to a physical location, they are not touching anything at the location.

Digital: Any technical platform built on the basis of software.

Offline: Even though Mark Zuckerberg may seem to be the Godlike figure of Social Media, the mass public is completely misguided. Social Media has been prevalent since the first organism produced two cells. Those two cells communicated with each other to form a metabolic “conversation”. An example of “Offline Marketing” in the 21st century would be an event, guerilla advertising, or a man giving out samples of a product in Times Square. “Offline” marketing is the most Organic and Interactive way to reach potential clients and can be supplemented by Online interaction.

After watching the TED Conference with Shiv Singh, I knew that the next big marketing development would be the seamless combination of Physical, Digital, and Offline components. Since my background is heavily focused on real estate and I own a real estate marketing company (Live Open House), there was only two things I needed to do; brainstorm and research. One night I had a dream that every storefront in NYC was turned into digital kiosks that attracted pedestrians and then the light bulb came on. I thought it would be awesome if real estate brokers could transform their storefront into a large interactive digital display so that their organic traffic can bring in easy green. After almost a year of research and countless all night brainstorm sessions with my business partner, we figured it out!

LOH Vision Baby!

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