Kerb Appeal: Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Property

When you want to sell your house, it is a good idea that you make it look attractive. Keep in mind that a great first impression can help you make a deal. If you would like to make your home look more beautiful to potential buyers, the following tips will help you:

1. Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door is very important considering the fact that the front door is the first thing potential buyers see. According to Sarah Beeny, it may be a good idea to go wild with colour when looking for the right colour for your front door. Sarah’s favourite front door colour is cerise pink. While many people prefer strong colours, you can choose black for your front door especially if you don’t have the nerve for something bright. If you would like a contemporary look, consider matt, muted and washed-out colours, preferred on smart London streets.

2. Choose High-Quality Door Furniture

According to Beeny, it is better to spend an extra £100 and get high-quality door furniture. She believes that cheap will always look cheap. When looking for door furniture, choose furniture that will suit your property. For instance, door knockers and letter boxes are only ideal for Victorian homes and don’t suit other properties.

3. Remember That Naming or Numbering a House Can Easily Go Wrong

Badly painted names, wonky numerals or plaques with pictures like trees and birds can make the exterior of your house look ugly. Stencilled numbers and shiny oversized chrome numerals are preferred by Londoners. If your house has fanlights, Carolyn Trevor recommends acid etching the name or number into the glass. According to Tacina Smith, number stickers can be ideal for those who would like a cheaper numbering or naming option. Those who would really like their names to be written on their property can have their names inscribed beautifully on slate, or brass and screwed either to the porch or gate post, or wrought into gateways. Do keep in mind though that this can make your property look like office space Weybridge.

4. Lighting Is Very Important

According to Alex Michelin of Finchatton, developers specialising in luxurious London developments, lighting can add symmetry when placed on either side of the front door, or a lantern placed in a portico entrance. Consider trying out lights in situ before committing as those that are too ornate or too big can look brash. A property that is approached through a garden should be lit sensitively. According to Beeny, good garden lighting is not seen. As such, it may be a good idea to conceal lights in the drive or garden path or hide them in the trees.

5. Sweep the Approach to the Front Door of Any Rubbish or Leaves

This approach could be a path, steps and/or a driveway. Bicycles, cars and horse boxes should be parked neatly. Alex Michelin advises homeowners to consider sandstone, marble or Portland stone for paths and steps and freshly painted railings. While a porch can provide a distinguished touch to your property, it can become a dumping ground for clutter. Crispin Holborow of Savills says that porches should be in proportion and not stuck on as an afterthought as sticking them on as an afterthought could make them look awful.

6. Clean Your Windows on a Regular Basis

Dirty windows can make your house look ugly. So, if you would like your home to look beautiful, you should consider cleaning your windows from time to time. Apart from cleanliness, you should check for rotten window frames. If you would like to replace your window frame, ensure that the replacement suits the design of your house. Beeny says that the position of the glazing bars is very important. He adds that these bars can look great in a wide range of colours including black and dark green meaning that it’s not a must to paint them white. However, before selecting a colour for your glazing bars, consider the colour of the brick/stonework. Ensure that all curtain linings and blinds match when seen from the driveway or street.

7. Add Some Greenery Regardless of the Available Space

According to Beeny, you do not need a big garden to plant a creeper. She adds that houses look beautiful when plants trail up them. She also says that it is easy to make window boxes. In fact,  you can make them all by yourself by painting a planter made from plastic and planting some draping ivy in it. Beds landscaped with colourful plants and box hedges can make the front of a house very beautiful. Planters with box topiary are ideal for smaller spaces like either side of the front door. However, keep in mind that some creepers are not good for brickwork since they can pull the mortar out of the pointing.

8. Have an Impressive Entrance Gate

According to Holborow, every country house should have an impressive entrance gate. Your entrance needs to reflect the period of your house; a wrought iron gate is ideal for a newly built house while a white gate with simple stone pillars is ideal for a manor.

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