Hudson Yards 4: The Future and Public Transport

If you’ve read my introductionconstruction and leasing articles on Hudson Yards, you’ll know why I’m so excited about this project. With the construction set to be finished in 2025, it will be one of the biggest projects in New York to ever be done. One building is finished so far, at 10 Hudson Yards and it is giving us a glimpse into what may become of the entire project.

Thinking ahead

Taking a look at what’s planned for the future of Hudson Yards, you can easily see that the team behind the project, consisting of Related Companies, Oxford Properties and Collingwood is thinking well in advance. For starters, the entire project will have onsite power generation and monitoring, including monitoring of traffic, air quality, power usage, temperature, pedestrian traffic and many other useful statistics. Special attention will be paid to temperature, as the air in the area can get rather hot from the traffic made by the trains.

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