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Writing for CRE is a WASTE of TIME !...or is it?


As any of you keeping score at home will attest, the commercial real estate posts that I write are popping up in lots of places. Whether all four of you read them is another question. 

The mother ship, Location Advice, which provides owners and occupants of commercial real estate with FREE advice is posted on Fridays. The News Funnel, where I get to wax philosophically, with no editorial scrutiny - maybe some is needed - appears on Tuesdays. Orange County's BEST daily, The Orange County Register, publishes a redeaux of previous Location Advice posts in their Sunday Real Estate section. Three new kids, In.Credibly, RealConnex, and Connect Mediahave or will soon begin to moderate my missives periodically - YES. The pun was intended. EVERY one of these creations is original and NONE of the content advertises a listing or boasts about an occupant that I placed. THAT would be boring! 

So great, you might be thinking, the guy is the next Pulitzer, he writes a bunch of mindless stuff that lands in our bulging email or social media in basket. Good for him. But it must be a waste of time because we ALL know that the only way to capture new business is through prospecting, right? 

Is writing for commercial real estate a WASTE of time? In a word, YES!...if...

Your goal is blurry. If your only reason for writing is to locate deals, you will be sorely disappointed. Spend the time mailing, calling, or lunching. If your goal is to educate, through your content, thus becoming a guru worthy of a look, you will strike pay dirt. But, it takes TIME! Time to produce the content and time for the content to gestate. 

The content sucks. Look, your content MUST inform, inspire, or entertain. Period! Just remember, what you believe to be informative - that new class A 100,000 that you leased in Anaheim - will ONLY resonate with a very few. Now, if you recanted the challenges of locating the building in today's overheated market or described the dude behind the city counter's pro business attitude in proclaiming your client's use wouldn't have checked two've  informed AND inspired...maybe entertained as well. 

You are inconsistent. Some of my faves are inconsistent with their context creation. To call them out in this space would be chicken shit. But I will tell you that the MOST successful producers of content in the CRE space are also the MOST Duke and Coy! 

No one can find your brain children. You gotta put it out there! Akin to delivering a newspaper to a doorstep, your content MUST be delivered to your audience. The BEST way for this to occur is to have others deliver your content for you. Tweets, LinkedIn likes and shares, Facebook shares and comments, others curating your content or linking back to a post on their website, ALL add a distribution network that is invaluable.  Don't forget to TITLE the content creatively. Finally, the content lives forever for others to find. 


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates

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