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Would CRE be better off WITHOUT technology? PT. II

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Last week, I posed the question in this digital periodical, "would CRE be better off WITHOUT technology?" For all SIX  of you who took the bait and read the post, my sincerest gratitude! For those who didn't and would like to, you can see the post here.

As to my take on the question, I copped out and said comme si, comme sa...BUT, I also promised a follow on this week, so here goes!

In last week's episode, we learned that technology is the great EQUALIZER, but is also sadly the great IMPERSONALIZER.

In my view, as originally opined last week, the SECRET SAUCE may in fact be...using the great EQUALIZER (technology) to become MORE personal. In this way, you use a tool, that was originally absent from commercial real estate transactions, to do stuff you couldn't do before...sounds easy, right? Ummmm, maybe not, or more folks would do it.

Just how? Follow along, now.

Today with TECHNOLOGY, we can produce a survey of buildings with images, brochures, and floor plans and send it to a client through the air. With the time saved from cranking out a survey the old fashioned way, how about visiting one or two of the best choices, video taping them and sending a link to the video along with some reasoning why THIS choice might fit the requirement? The brilliance of this is overwhelming! The prospect hears your voice, takes a VIRTUAL TOUR of the property(s), AND senses your reasoning. With this simple step, you have made TECHNOLOGY become PERSONAL!

How about this one? use technology to CREATE or FIND a blog post about common area maintenance reconciliation...BORING, right? WELL, not if your owner sends you an IMPERSONAL bill for charges that you dispute! You then send the post to ALL of the folks with whom you completed new leases within the past year. They will bow at your feet for your expertise AND thank you for saving them money. Getting the idea?

As my finale, I will use TECHNOLOGY (this digital curation of creativity) to PERSONALLY thank each of you who have frequented my posts, watched my Traffic Tips and have taken the time to comment, tweet, or otherwise technologically distributed the content. I'M TRULY GRATEFUL!


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