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Would CRE be better off WITHOUT Social Media?

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Keeping with the theme of the past couple of weeks..."Would CRE be better off WITHOUT"...this question seemed to be a logical follow-on. Would CRE be better off WITHOUT Social Media? If you missed the previous episodes (shame on you), but you can quickly catch up here by reading the posts.

First, let me digress...

I attended a gala last evening at the The Grove in Anaheim, California. Anaheim is famous for mouse ears, mediocre sports teams (OK, not last year), and a brand new inter-modal station called ARTIC. Our local rag (of which I still subscribe to and read cover to cover each day) is the Orange County Register...the sponsor of last evening's soiree that honored the Top Workplaces in Orange County. I am pleased to report that my company, Lee & Associates, was honored as a "Top Workplace" this year! VERY cool. We didn't win "top three" honors, but I'm convinced that if TWEETING was a category, we would have blown away the competition.

So, here was the deal. The emcee announced, at the beginning of his rant, the tweeting hashtag for the event... #TopWorkPlaces. I proceeded to tweet like a man possessed. After a short break, the emcee ACTUALLY asked the audience...who is this Allen Buchanan? Always the HAM, I stood to a roaring round of applause as the emcee thanked me for the shout out and the TRENDING hashtag.

So, back to the question de jour... would CRE be better off WITHOUT Social Media? ABSOLUTELY NOT! However (always one of those qualifiers), CRE would be better off LEARNING how to use the media EFFECTIVELY.

So, how pray tell would I suggest the media be used?

As a way to SHARE CONTENT. We all have a VOICE. ALL of us have something to say. ALL of us have an opinion. Use the media to find that voice through sharing original content, or the content of others. BTW, content IS NOT your latest listing or a GIANT deal you closed...who cares?

As a way to CREATE ENGAGEMENT. Michael Beckerman (Twitter friend and proprietor of all things Funnel) was kind enough to connect me with Jon Schultz this week. Michael believed that Jon and I should connect, discuss each other's companies and discover ways that we could do business...BINGO! After the shout out to the tweet last night, I made it a point to introduce myself to the emcee once his duties were complete. He is a media mogul. Who knows where it will lead. I know that the genesis was through social media, however.

As a way to foster the first step in any relationship, online or off, VISIBILITY is key. Without VISIBILTY, we are yelling into a dark room and NO one is listening! Before my social media days, I was well known in the Orange County CRE fraternity. Because of Location Advice, Tuesday Traffic Tips, The News Funnel, and CRE App Review, I have created a national VISIBILITY. In many cases, the VISIBILITY has lead to CREDIBILITY... see the Jon Shultz example above. Only when we are visible and credible do we have a chance to create a profit opportunity.


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