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Why YOU Should NOT Use Facebook For CRE


I am penning this post from a FREE hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas. But those of you who are Facebook friends of mine already know this. 

You also know that our direct flight yesterday got cancelled...thus the free room and an extra day in the heartland of ' wife and my state of origin...but you know this...because we are Facebook friends. 

You also know that I connected with a bunch of way over fifty, but not quite sixty year old former classmates from Texarkana Arkansas High School last weekend...thus the direct flight, cancellation, free hotel room, etc. I must admit, I turned in a much more sedate performance at my 40th reunion vs my 10th. At my 10th, I was blissfully over-served and believed I was invisible...after all I couldn't see anyone...which meant they couldn't see me right? Hmmmm, I was reminded quite frequently last weekend that I WAS in fact seen in 1985 doing all manner of dance floor gyrations...but I digress. 

So, just WHY shouldn't you use Facebook for CRE? Simple...

You LOVE small talk. There were two types of reunion attendees last weekend...the FB-ers and everyone else. I felt as though I had shared parts of the FB-ers lives since The Way We Were (cheesy right). I knew husbands, wives, kids, grands, less than twenty people asked about our new grandson to be. In effect, the small talk was avoided...we were up to date...and could get right to today. 

You are a ROBOT. Look, here's the deal. People do CRE biz with those they know, like, and trust. If you have NO humanity, great. Don't share it on FB. 

You have NO friends. You wake up, go to the office, schlep your commercial real estate deals, go home. No friends, no personal life, so sad. People care about people. SHARE! Even if you're a private person...which I's OK to reveal something a bit personal over the airwaves...I'm just grateful there were no smart phones in 1985.


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates


(714) 564-7104

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