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Why Women Matter in Real Estate

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1. Financial Performance

Women not only bring innovative ideas and important debate to the table, but women as senior leaders positively influence organizational culture and the bottom line. In the article, Pathways to leadership: Board independence, diversity and the emerging pipeline in the United States for women directors, Colaco writes, “In the wake of this decade’s corporate scandals, crimes and excesses, improving the effectiveness of corporate leadership in the United States has become a priority. An important influence on a board’s effectiveness at monitoring is its members’ degree of independence from senior management. Diversity along racial, gender and other dimensions has been proposed as a potentially more effective standard for board independence.”

2. Culture

Women as senior leaders promote, support, encourage, and set an example for other aspiring women. Dezsö and Ross state in the article, Does female representation in top management improve firm performance, “Female representation in top management brings informational and social diversity benefits to the top management team, enriches the behaviors exhibited by managers throughout the firm, and motivates women in middle management.” Executive teams can be more conscious of how women executives positively affect the overall organization from culture to corporate social responsibility to consumer/brand recognition.

3. Progress

Women increase change, progress, and adaptation to globalization. As stated in the article,Does Workforce Diversity Matter in the Fight against Climate Change? An Analysis of Fortune 500 Companies,“Organizations of the twenty-first century are naturally becoming more diverse. Due to factors such as globalization, advancements in technology, and the increasing power of the emerging economies, the socio-demographic profile of organizational workforce is changing at a rapid pace.”

At REthink Real Estate CRM powered by Think Tech Labs, diversity is built into the DNA. While larger organizations put committees in place to enhance and maintain gender-diversity measures, here at Think Tech Labs diversity has always been at the top of the strategic agenda. The teamis made up of talented, energetic individuals who share a passion for empowering real estate professionals everywhere with powerful technology. 


By: Cara McCarty

Cara grew up in Southern Indiana and moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend Loyola University Chicago, where she held leadership positions in various organizations, such as, Women in Business, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, & Human Resource Student Association.  She began her HR career in the online media/ tech industry working for Travelzoo in Chicago. The Midwesterner made her way to Austin, Texas while working for RetailMeNot. After falling in love with Austin and receiving her Masters in Human Development and Organizational Behavior, Cara moved into a strategic talent development role here at Think Tech Labs.

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