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Why Swimming Pools are No Longer Cool for Some Homeowners


For years, one of the top things on the wish list for residential buyers in cities like Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and others, was the swimming pool. After all, these and other cities get extremely hot during the summertime, and a pool is the perfect way to cool down and entertain. But it now appears that some homeowners no longer find the swimming pool viable.

In fact, there are many people in California spending thousands of dollars to have swimming pools removed and the backyard transformed into something else. Although the process is expensive and messy, this has become a growing trend.

Five-Year Drought

According to experts, the biggest issue for Californians relates to the ongoing drought. Currently, the people of California are under strict mandates for water consumption. As part of this, they cannot water lawns and/or fill pools. Due to the heat and evaporation, pool water diminishes, and if not refilled, the water becomes dirty, fungus-laden, and unusable.

Unfortunately, California is now entering its fifth year of drought so companies that offer swimming pool demolition services are thriving. Demand for pool removal is so great that these companies are having a hard time staying on schedule. One business owner reported that in 2012, his company removed 30 swimming pools, but for this year alone, the number is now at 80 and rising.

In the metropolitan area of Los Angeles alone, there were more than 43,000 pools in 2013. However, the drought, along with young families having children and aging Baby Boomers, means that a swimming pool no longer represents what it once did for many people, and with this, swimming pool numbers are declining.

High Cost of Water

That, coupled with the increasing cost of water, means that a swimming pool is not cost-efficient for many people. Every day, Los Angeles County receives multiple permit requests from homeowners wanting pools demolished. Although the biggest problem is in larger cities, other areas within the states mentioned are starting to see the same trend. Instead, people are creating different forms of an oasis, such as acid-stained concrete patios with covered awning and outdoor kitchen.

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