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I'll admit it, I'm stuck! After one glorious year of writing original content for the News Funnel, I'm wondering if I'm done...some would opine that I was done a long time ago. When I sat down to compose my brilliant content last week...nothing came to I begged off until this week. I must confess, I'm feeling the same. You know those dreams where you are running as fast as your legs can propel you but you haven't moved...yep, that is I. So what's next?

As I sit mired in literary quicksand, the thought occurred to me that maybe I'm not alone. There must be bloggers, writers, composers, creatives, who wonder if their most recent opus was their last...hmmm.

Well, I hope my last was not my LAST. In an effort to push through, here are three tips to get unstuck.

Think about your week. Much of my inspiration for my TUESDAY Traffic Tips, my Location Advice blog and the News Funnel come from stuff that I'm experiencing...RIGHT NOW. If you stop long enough to reflect on your week, the issues you are confronting, a solution you proposed, your latest vet visit, etc. you will mine a mother lode of content gold. Or, you can simply write about being stuck.

Think about your life. What are your values? How are things different than when you started your career? Who do you know that is REALLY killing it and why? What do you want to be when you grow up? What have your experiences taught you? What advice would you give to a newbie? As a newbie, what advice do you seek? You see where I'm going? Your life is filled with content worthy questions...IF you'll just give it a bit of thought.

Take a break. Writer's block is a bit like insomnia. Worrying, WHEN you will get inspired will only make you sleepy...just kidding, you insomniacs. But seriously, if you wonder when you'll drift off to sleep and how tired you'll be tomorrow and everything you must do, etc, etc, etc, you'll be batty. If you don't have anything to write about...take a break, go for a walk, skip a week, play golf, CHANGE YOUR FRAME.

OK, I knocked it out. Whew! Not Pulitzer worthy, I know, but I'm unstuck!


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates


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