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What's MOST Important to YOUR CRE Digital Presence?


A few events recently have shaped my thinking and provided fodder for this post. 

The first occurred at a "place like no other" to borrow a phrase from Jim Nance of CBS Sports. As both of you know, who frequent this space, I am a HUGE golf fan. The conclusion of the Masters yesterday, the wire to wire record setting performance by a young (so very young...I have sweaters that were knitted prior to his birth) Texan was truly inspirational to me. 

Secondly, we have officially entered the 2016 Presidential campaign season. The Dems have their favorite daughter in Hillary and the GOP braces for yet another hat to be thrown into the proverbial last count we have Cruz, Paul, and potentially Rubio, Bush, Huckabee, and Duke Long   wouldn't that be something? 

Lastly, Rod Santomassimo and Bo Barron are hosting an exclusive webinar for those in their inner circle...How to Create a DOMINATING Digital Presence...timely and are the hallmarks of anything Rod and Bo touch. 

So, what do ALL of these recent events have to do with the MOST important thing in creating a digital footprint?...AUTHENTICITY! 

As I watched Jordan Spieth's victory speech yesterday, I had to remind myself that this young man is ONLY 21! Wow! I believe I could successfully order a cocktail at 21...but not much else. He spoke from his heart...not some varnished, "here is what I'm supposed to say like Phil Mickelson" sorta BS. Truly AUTHENTIC! I just hope that he can avoid injury, extra marital affairs, and a nine iron wielding ex wife. 

Our cast of presidential hopefuls have NO CHANCE to be authentic. Our demographic is too broad, our media too slanted, our populace too uninformed. In the words of Jack Nicholson, "we can't handle the truth!"...BUT the AUTHENTIC truth is exactly what we need to hear! Unfortunately, if the authentic truth is spoken, the candidate will be doomed and unelectable. 

Having patrolled the digital waters for over five years now, I can spot a phony a gigabyte away...and I simply move on. I'm courteous and grateful for their connection, follow, like, or what have you...but the chance for any REAL engagement is minuscule. I strive to be AUTHENTIC and gravitate toward those that are as well...Duke, Coy, Michael, Bo, Rod, Linda, Barbi, Matt, Howard, Skip, Bridget, Carol, Ethan, etc. 

So, Bo and Rod, PLEASE stress AUTHENTICITY in your new program! THAT is how you develop a dominating DIGITAL presence. 


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates


(714) 564-7104

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