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What Millions of Dollars will Buy in New York City


It comes as no surprise that some of the highest priced real estate is in New York City. Although many people are aware of this fact they do not fully understand exactly what millions of dollars will buy so to create a clearer understanding, some of the top real estate has been listed to include price tag, as well as key amenities.

$40 Million and Up

  • 432 Park Avenue – This piece of property is ranked as one of the most prestigious in the country. Considering the average price of an apartment in Manhattan is currently $1.7 million, it is hard to fathom what 432 Park Avenue offers. This address is the tallest residential tower anywhere in the western hemisphere, reaching an impressive 1,396 feet tall. Although not fully finished, the 94th story penthouse is listed for a cool $82.5 million. The apartment takes up the entire floor while boasting six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two powder rooms, and more.


  • 145 Hudson Street – Located at this address is The Baccarat Hotel & Residences. Described as a “grand chateau in the sky”, the five-bedroom penthouse is available for $60 million, The penthouse offers breathtaking views of major Manhattan landmarks to include the Empire State Building and Central Park. In addition to five bedrooms, the property offers a semi-enclosed patio and floor-to-ceiling windows.


  • 775 Park Avenue – Originally constructed by a well-known New York architect during the early 1920s, the penthouse at this address has been restored to its previous glory. Listed for $40 million, the apartment has been the private residence of a Morgan Stanley banker for the past 27 years but now, the owner is ready to downsize from the 14-room apartment. Rooms span three separate floors, each accessible by a private elevator.

Under $40 Million

  • 737 Park Avenue – Considered a real bargain at $39.5 million, this classic penthouse is stunning. The duplex features a wall of windows, as well as huge skylight so there is plenty of natural light. Although renovation has begun on this penthouse originally built in 1940, construction has temporarily stopped to give the buyer the opportunity to add personal touches. The interior of the property is gorgeous but many people are drawn to the spacious outdoors to include a wraparound terrace and large rooftop deck.


  • 3 East 95th Street – The 5,200 square foot Carhart Mansion with a current selling price of $34 million is found at this address. Located in the tony Carnegie Hill neighborhood of Manhattan within close proximity to Central Park, the historic details of this 1913 property are hard to overlook. The duplex has 17 rooms, 20-foot ceilings, rich wood paneling, and a grand salon.


  • 2 North Moore Street – One of the more affordable high-end properties in New York City is a six-story townhouse being sold for $27.5 million. What makes this particular property so unusual is its grand yet urban appeal. This property includes walk-in closets, a perfectly landscaped courtyard, and a three-car garage, something rarely found in this city.


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