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What a GENDER REVEAL Party Taught Me About CRE


As all five of you, that frequent this space, are aware, our youngest is giving birth to our VERY first grandchild in August. We are thrilled and blessed beyond belief! The announcement of the hallowed event prompted my recent post entitled "What my Grandad taught me about CRE". If you missed the post, shame on you. How is Michael Beckerman supposed to pay the light bill? 

So, for us, in the year of the fetus, we have experienced...vicariously mind visits, ultra sounds, and a significant amount of unsolicited advice. ALL a part of the preamble and we love it! 

Up until last night, we were unaware of Baby Bear's team colors (pink or blue). The sex of our grandchild was announced to a multitude of slightly inebriated (some not so slightly) friends, co-workers, and family last evening, at our house, in what was billed as a "gender reveal party". When our three were born, the gender reveal was attended by our doctor, an OB nurse, and a clunky Beta Max video camera...AND none of us were inebriated...although watching the birth in Beta format today appears as though I had imbibed. 

OK, Buchanan, what could any of this POSSIBLY have to do with CRE Tech, Social Media, marketing, brokerage, or other popular subjects commonly found in this aggregation? Only, these three things...

The EVENT is memorialized forever. Because we videoed portions of the evening...does that surprise you? And it wasn'tTUESDAY!...Baby Bear will be able to see and experience the moments before we knew if he would be Thomas Allen or she would be Elizabeth Maddox. EVERYTHING we do these days...tweets, blogs, videos, Facebook posts are out there in hyper space...FOREVER! If you doubt that for a moment, just Google your name. Your "online" past will appear. Now THAT is revealing. 

CROWDSOURCING played a role. Our daughter ran a Facebook poll to "guess the gender" of Baby Bear. She received countless votes from friends, family, and folks selling car seats. The whole poll thing added excitement to the reveal. Have you ever attempted to crowd source a CRE assignment? No, you say? How about What about posting a listing on LoopNet? A "have or want" on theBrokerList? Point made!

Your REACH is global. Last night, we looped in our family members from Missouri, Arkansas, and NOLa via FaceTime, and Skype. ALL experienced the reveal, real time. They didn't have to wait for the movie...they were in the movie! Ever taken an out of town, out of state, or offshore client through a FaceTime tour of a property? Try it sometime. It REALLY works. 

Oh yeah...almost forgot...drum roll please...blblblblblblbl! Baby Bear is a BOY! 


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