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The Value of Local SEO for Real Estate


Successful realtors know the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO but yet some still do not fully take advantage of the benefits offered by local SEO. Compared to more conventional SEO, which is designed to reach both potential and existing customers from all over the world, there is another type of SEO often overlooked.

In simple terms, local SEO is a method of optimizing a website whereby a higher local search ranking is achieved. In 2014, more than one-third of all searchers were local. That shows that rather than conduct a search for an agent or broker people will narrow the search down to someone local. For example, by using local SEO, someone can conduct a search for an agent or broker working in a specific city or even neighborhood and get excellent results opposed to receiving options for people in other areas.

Nearby Communities

With local SEO, people nearby are targeted more than those how live in other cities, states, or countries. Considering that roughly 90 percent of buyers depend on social media marketing and online resources when it comes to looking for both commercial and residential real estate, it becomes clear that SEO plays a critical role in achieving success.

Over the past 10 years, the internet and social media has dramatically changed the way in which real estate professionals market properties while at the same time making the buying process easier and more convenient. Thanks to local SEO, realtors can target a very specific audience. As part of this, properties are advertised, information shared, and other real estate services offered.

With local SEO, real estate professionals can identify the targeted audience, which is a quick and easy way to gather information about expectations and demands. Obviously, it is important to know what potential buyers want and need but with this type of SEO, the right group of potential buyers is being reached.

Without question, real estate is an extremely tricky market mainly because it is difficult to stay on top of market trends and buyer expectations that are constantly changing. However, using local SEO as a primary marketing strategy makes the work in selling commercial and residential real estate far easier.

Today, online advertising and social media is booming. Because of this, buyers have a much easier time finding property interested in. Because of this, it is important for agents and brokers to consider all marketing strategies. In addition to a well-designed website, solid content, links, emails, and newsletters, plus more, these professionals need to implement conventional and local SEO.

Local Searches

According to the Digital House Hunt study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 69 percent of people who shop for commercial or residential real estate from home start by using a local term. For instance, instead of typing in “Texas homes for sale”, they will drill down to the city by typing in “San Antonio homes for sale”.

By using local SEO, approximately 70 percent of all buyer leads that go to an agent or broker’s website will have started with a local search. That means out of 1,000 leads, some 700 were associated with local searches. Therefore, using local SEO will help the site rank higher for those searches, which in turn drives more traffic. From there, excellent content, an easy-to-navigate site, and solid experience in real estate will help close the deal.

Closing the Deal

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