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Utilization Of Good Data In Hospitality

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In this cutting edge blog series, we have now demonstrated the importance of collecting the relevant points, or “good data”, needed to craft a targeted branding vision. Applying it in the proper hospitality context is the key to guest satisfaction from a branding perspective. For example, elementary decisions, such as space planning and program mix, should follow these early stage investigations. How do you know the correct rooms mix of double queens to California king beds if you have no idea who is sleeping in them? Yes, there are best practices. And yes, there is always: “that’s what the hotel brands are for." But my experience is that if you don’t know who is sleeping and partying in your market place and what their WANTS are, you are in for a decade of hurt.

This is especially true for the national brands that have greatly oversaturated the top 25 high barrier to entry domestic markets. The homogeny and cannibalism promoted by these franchise FEE specialists are now legendary. The biggest lie in hospitality is that there is differentiation between hospitality products, as if, by virtue of a carpet pile, they can bifurcate the travelling public. Rest assured, only the reward point phenomena is effective in driving guest flow and now that too has become diluted. Knowing how to attract the RIGHT hospitality guest will create an even greater advantage to the individual smart owner.

I can’t emphasize enough; proper utilization of good data is the key to an effective hospitality experience. Once this data is infused within the space plan, design standard and programming mix, we can turn our attention to the optimization of such. When we OPTIMIZE, we simply give ourselves the best chance to compete. More on this next week.


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE



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