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Using Key Digital Media and Technology Trends to Impact Marketing in 2016


To achieve success in real estate, you need powerful marketing strategies. For 2016, several critical trends stand out pertaining to digital media and technology. According to experts, marketing will be impacted in several ways using digital marketing.

Top Marketing Trends

At the top of the list is marketing automation, followed by content marketing, big data, mobile marketing, and conversion rate optimization. While still important, marketing experts feel that some aspects of digital marketing will be less critical this year, including social medial marketing, search engine optimization, wearables, online PR, communities, and Internet of Things.

There are also predictions that the behavior of consumers will change due to the complexity of decisions. Specific to digital media used for marketing purposes, the decision-making process has and will continue to be challenging. As an example, in 35 days, the average person visited five different websites nine times. With strong influence from websites throughout the world, each promoting something great to jump start or take your real estate business to the next level, you need a strong marketing approach.

Another trend for 2016 involves more mobile usage. Google has already changed its requirements for websites to ensure that they are mobile-friendly due to the growing number of people who conduct searches online using a mobile device. Therefore, as part of your marketing strategy, be sure to make appropriate changes for connecting with people who use mobile devices for conducting research.

As for technology trends, remember that marketing automation ranks high. For that reason, you want to identify one or more automated systems that work best for your business. As you can imagine, there are many innovative technologies that help with developing leads, communicating, disseminating information, scheduling, and more, so consider all options.

Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies

While digital marketing is essential, it sometimes causes focus to shift in the wrong direction. This year, you need to go back to two things: what marketing is and the product/service that you want to market. In other words, use digital media but consider other marketing techniques as well. In reality, the digital era is relatively new, so fresh ideas for reaching potential customers can come from virtually anywhere.

Instead of creating two unique teams, one for digital marketing and one for traditional marketing, where team members work independently in developing strategies, consider integrating the two efforts so you have one cohesive plan. In addition to being more cost-efficient, you end up with a broader spectrum of marketing solutions that will ultimately boost the success of your real estate business.

Being an Industry Leader

To be a leader in the real estate industry, you need to stand out—something possible with both digital media and innovative technology. However, it is still vital that you provide potential and existing clients with superior content. For help in writing powerful website pages and blogs, count on The News Funnel’s incredible team of professional writers to assist.



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