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Two Things NEVER to Discuss with CRE...but I do!


One of the really cool things about living since before we had interstates and cars had seat belts is that I can occasionally go on an old man rant and no one cares. It's just a crusty dude waxing about the days before microwaves...nothing to seriously consider. Today is one such rant. 

My southern upbringing taught me that you never discuss politics or religion else you find yourself without friends. Well, that was so many y'all's ago I can't remember. I have been forthright in this space about my abiding faith in Jesus Christ but never have I discussed politics. Well, friends...if I still have is the day I rant politically. 

Thanks to the marvels of technology, I have watched...on Youtube...both Republican debates. Frankly, folks there is only ONE person who I can stomach more than a few sound bites and that is Carly Fiorina. I must confess when Carly ran for US senate in my state, I voted for her but knew she didn't have a prayer to defeat Barbara Boxer, therefore, I didn't pay much attention to her. But, oh baby! I LOVE what she has to say AND how she says it. I especially like her take on government regulation and how it crushes small business and zaps our will to live. 

In my Location Advice blog, I recently posted about the Five BIGGEST Challenges to a Commercial Real Estate Deal. Number one on the list was governmental regulation. I believe that small business owners could become S.E.A.L.s easier than navigating the absurdity of city requirements. 

One of my clients recently contacted the city of Riverside, California in anticipation of signing a lease and bringing fifty skilled manufacturing jobs to town. Riverside, by the way, was ravaged by the last economic downturn and is finally recovering. In other words, they should be sending a limo to pick up my client and escort him to town. But, one parking variance and three pages of single spaced requirements later, my client is forced to engage a specialist who can "speak city" in order to wade through the red tape. Sickening! 

So, Ms. Fiorina, on the off chance that you read The News Funnel and catch my rant, I AGREE with you! Let's get out of the way of small businesses...the growth engine of employment and get this country working again. 

Whew, OK. Got through that with no F Bombs. Thanks for listening!


By: Allen Buchanan

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