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Trouble with the Curve: The Importance of Vision in Business and in Life

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We have established in our inaugural blog that the nucleus of all things hospitality is the successful interaction of those willing to provide and receive service, based on a set of perceptive variables, primarily influenced by time. It is my intention to analyze the essence of a good hospitality experience by creating a road map of the universal best practices that could apply across all business platforms. We begin, of course, at the hardest obstacle: Vision.

Vision is defined here as the overarching criteria that all decisions of the hospitality interaction are based. The most important thing to understand about Vision is that it is akin to karaoke: it’s rarely as good as you want it to be. Why? To explain, I must take you back to the spring of 1977 on a baseball diamond, perched atop the Livingston Circle. It was the Babe Ruth league and teams were being fielded and, to me, it was as important as sneaking into Saturday Night Fever. 

Coach Purcell knew I couldn’t see. Barrel chested from birth (sorry mom!), I could hit a straight down the pipe, honest fast ball a country mile; it was almost instinctive. Paint the corners though, throw the dark horse, and I was back on the bench faster than a frail kid from science club. He should of cut me, no doubt. Instead, the Mick had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning and I was praying for a strike out. I’m pretty sure either Christie or Witmondt were at the plate; unfortunately, both were precocious. The ball was hit deep to right field, and should have been caught. Mick saw his legend wane as with a lumbering stride I hurled myself towards the inevitable.

Coach Purcell’s vision was to keep the Mick and I together; we were best friends. That vision was perfect, as I remember, but yielded an awkward result. And that’s it, it’s that simple: The best Vision is truly personal, believe in it and someone is sure to blog about it 35 years later. 


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE


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