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Top Smart Home Technology that Buyers Want


One of the hottest trends for 2015 is smart home systems. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there were tons of exhibits, many of them focusing on the home and what attracts buyers. For example, companies had displays and demonstrations for home systems that use wireless technology, temperature controls, lights, and more. There were even application enabled appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers from companies like Bosch and Whirlpool.

Home Robotics

One of the highlights of this year’s CES event was consumer robotics. Dominating was the Roomba made by iRobot but there were others capable of cleaning up after pets, those that could wash windows, and more. Although interesting and actually in somewhat high demand, there are a number of other technologies that buyers want when looking for a home.

High-Demand Technology

  • Smart Garage Door Opener – In place of the more traditional remote control used to open and close a garage door, buyers love the new smart opener whereby the screen on the device is simply tapped. The process is quicker, easier, and more efficient. Companies that offer this option are currently working on geo-fencing capabilities whereby the smart garage door would sense when the owner is getting close and already have the door open.


  • Smart Air Conditioning – Another in demand technology for homebuyers in 2015 is the smart air conditioning system. Using an iOS or Android Wink application, the unit turns on to the preferred temperature prior to the homeowner returning. In addition, this system has the ability to learn the homeowner’s habits and adjust accordingly.


  • Home Locks – Today, there are some brilliant home locks available that by using the finger a door can be unlocked or locked. Known as a smart lock, a virtual key is assigned on a temporary or permanent basis. The lock is designed to monitor ins and outs from a remote position and it receives activity alerts through the application.


  • Security Monitors – Security has become big business, something that millions of homeowners rely on. A high-tech surveillance system is designed with incredible features such as continuous 720p video, crisp night vision, two-way audio, and powerful digital zoom. With a security monitoring system, a homeowner can see activity inside or outside the home and receive alerts when specific sounds and motions are detected.


  • Thermostat – Another type of technology that homebuyers look for is a smart or learning thermostat. For one thing, this is an excellent way to save money on monthly utility bills but the device also has the ability to learn the homeowner’s schedule, followed by doing its own programming so the inside temperature is always perfect.


  • Water Detection – There are even monitors designed to detect water leaks in a home. If undetected, a leak is extremely expensive but it also poses risk for the development of mold. With a water monitor, an alert provides the homeowner with exact locations where a leak is detected. 


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