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Top Design Trends for 2015


Every year, people interested in building a new home or making upgrades to an existing home have exciting options. Design trends change year-to-year and for 2015, things look extremely exciting. Although there are many upcoming trends, those mentioned below are expected to stand out most.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Two areas of the home that typically get the most attention are the bathrooms and the kitchen.

This year, the major change for bathrooms is a larger and more elaborate space. Instead of small, conventional bathrooms, the trend leans more toward luxury.

  • For example, instead of beautiful tile, builders and owners prefer exotic stone or marble slabs


  • Rather than built-in bathtubs, the new trend is those designed as free-standing but with modern day features such as hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy, all designed to ease tired muscles and promote relaxation


  • Foot soaking tubs have also become popular, especially those designed from volcanic limestone


  • Even bathroom fixtures are changing. In place of polished or chrome, the 2015 trend consists of fixtures made from matte black or brushed finishes

There are also some exciting design trends for the kitchen.

  • While wood cabinets have always been in high demand, this year the trend is for mixed wood colors, which create interest and character. This can consist of different wood materials, as well as grains and stains.


  • Fixtures are also changing. Instead of stainless steel, more and more homebuyers and owners want up-to-date faucets, handles, and knobs such as those made from oil-rubbed bronze.


  • An open floor plan is one of the biggest demands. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the one room where people gather to eat, have conversations about business, visit over a cup of coffee, do homework, and so on. Having a larger space makes the kitchen more functional but also enjoyable.


  • There are also new trends this year for kitchen lighting. One of the biggest trends is European-influenced sculptural type lighting reminiscence of the 1950s and 1960s.

Additional 2015 Trends

In addition to trends specific for bathrooms and the kitchen, there are a number of changes for other areas of the home.

  • Eclectic – For years, the trend was for homes to be matchy-matchy. In other words, everything needed to coordinate, which was fine, but this year, an eclectic designed home is more popular. With this, furniture, furnishings, and color schemes are mixed and matched, creating a unique space. Keep in mind that this year’s trend is modernist inspired, which not only blends things from different eras but creates a somewhat contemporary space.


  • Indoor Nature – Something else that designers predict for this year is people bringing the outdoors inside, not through the use of plants but unique built-in features and captivating objects. This particular trend works great for any home but it is expected to be seen more in high-rise living in big cities like New York. The goal is to choose items that have organic shapes and interesting textures associated with the outdoors.


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