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Top Co-Working Spaces


As the number of startup companies continues to rise, co-working facilities have become increasingly more valuable. Co-working is a style of work in which a working environment is shared with multiple companies. In other words, under the same roof, sharing office space, lunch rooms, and meeting rooms are people who work for different organizations.

The greatest benefit to co-working spaces is the reduction of cost. For a setup like this, all the companies pay for shared services, including utilities, lease, Wi-Fi, fax, and much more, while at the same time having a nice, functioning place to be productive. Although this concept has been around for a long time, incredible growth has been seen in just the past several years.

The Best Choices

For real estate professionals, co-working is a viable solution. There are a number of spaces, each with unique characteristics, features, and benefits. The top co-working spaces are provided below.

  • WeWork – Also known as WeWork labs, there are multiple locations in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, WeWork co-working space is available in Austin, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, L.A., Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC, in the U.S., as well as Israel, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. All of the WeWork spaces are simply gorgeous, comfortable, and well-defined. A new WeWork is being constructed in Brooklyn, which will be in a 16-story, $380 million building at the Navy Yard. Once complete, it will feature the largest concentration of startup companies and small businesses seen anywhere in the region.


  • Office Nomads – Located in Seattle, Washington, this co-working space is perfect for nomad workers. With ample space, real estate agents and brokers find this an easy place to work and conduct business with clients. Because of the layout, desks are set apart from one another for privacy, the environment is friendly yet professional, and no full-time membership is required to enjoy all the benefits.


  • Icehouse – This New Orleans co-working space is also highly recognized. The beautiful workspace is in an old 1920s warehouse that was masterfully converted. There are 30-foot ceilings, affordable membership, and frequently hosted events in support of different political and social events. People from all careers use this co-working space, including media artists, graphic designers, startup companies, and Realtors.


  • LiquidSpace – With multiple locations, space can be rented by the hour, day, or longer if needed. Of the 1,000 spaces available, there is open space, private offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, and more. LiquidSpace now has a mobile application that makes booking space quicker and easier.


  • General Assembly – This New York City-based co-working space is located on Broadway and 4th, a great location. The entire campus is 20,000 square feet, giving everyone lots of space to conduct work. Compared to traditional office space, this is a much more affordable solution. The General Assembly first opened in 2011 and today is regarded as an exceptional co-working space for all types of professionals. In addition to office room, educational events are often held and there is a massive collection of resources available on all types of topics.


  • HeraHub – In San Diego, this is one of the best co-working spaces available. There are actually several locations, each dedicated to a  female-oriented environment. Typically, there is anywhere from 150 to 200 people working in the space at any given time. Along with great office space and a professional but comfortable atmosphere, there are social events and programs.


  • Strongbox – For freelancers, real estate professionals, startups, digital agencies, and others, this West Atlanta co-working space is ideal. The building is 50,000 sqft, providing plenty of room for everyone. In addition to open space to conduct business, there are private offices available as well, along with several meeting rooms and event space. 

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