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Top 5 Real Estate CRM Myths Debunked

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Myth #1: My email acts as my CRM

A CRM system is a tool used to manage interactions and strengthen relationships between the client and the company. It often includes features that help automate business processes, nurture leads, organize information, and gain visibility into your activities with clients and sales pipeline.

An email service simply facilitates the communication between contacts. An email service does not allow real estate professionals to:

- View the entire activity history with a contact at a glance 

- View the notes from your previous meetings with the client to prep for your next follow-up call

- Track your client’s property preferences and automatically see which properties are potential matches

- Track every offer and counteroffer on your properties

- Auto-calculate your potential commission cut and give yourself a clear understanding of whether or not you are achieving your sales goals

A real estate CRM tool such as REthink, will help you do all of the above while seamlessly syncing with your email service.

Myth #2: Don’t trust the “cloud”

The cloud is an inexpensive way to store a large amount of information and access it any time and from any location. Lucky for us, REthink is partnered with Salesforce, the world’s most trusted and secure cloud database. Since inception, Salesforce has always put a heavy emphasis on trust and security - “Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customer's data.” Salesforce uses the most advanced technology to ensure that their client’s information is stored safely in the cloud.

Myth #3: I can’t afford the latest and greatest technology

It is a common misconception that using the hottest new technology will automatically come with a high price tag. Most CRM solutions have lower priced options geared toward small to medium sized businesses, but also offer full-featured options for enterprise level companies. A cloud-based CRM already customized specifically for real estate will also be less expensive, because you will not be starting from scratch, as the foundation is already in place.

Myth #4: There is a one-size fits all CRM solution

In real estate, every brokerage has different processes, terminology, applications, and information, so it's important to select a CRM that is easy to customize to fit your brokerage. This will allow you to better organize your information. 

In order to get the most out of your CRM, it is also important to integrate with other essential tools you use to run your business (ex. Gmail, Outlook, Evernote, Google Apps, etc.).

Myth #5: Implementing a CRM is going to be a piece of cake

As with any new technology, implementing a CRM will take a little time and commitment from your side. Everyone will have information that they need to transfer from their old tools and import into their new CRM. Also, if you are rolling out a new CRM to your entire team, effective change management is critical for successful user adoption. 


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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