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The Top 10 Cities in the US for 2016 First-Time Homebuyers


For first-time homebuyers, 2016 presents wonderful opportunities. Specific to affordable housing prices, 10 cities stand out as being the best locations for buying a first home.

The Best Cities

  1. Orlando, Florida—Based on current data, things like median home price, quality of life, and unemployment rate are among the most alluring to first-time homebuyers. What makes Orlando unique to other Florida cities is the population of younger, non-college professionals. With its major tourist attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios, economic growth is strong, and with a median home price of $155,000, the market is alluring to first-time buyers.

  2. Des Moines, Iowa—Both home prices and unemployment rate are lower in this city. Along with a Microsoft data center, Des Moines boasts an advanced manufacturing and bioscience industry, as well as several financial services companies, creating great job opportunities. For the median home price, first-time buyers can expect to spend around $113,900.

  3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana—Both the chemical and gas industries thrive in Baton Rouge, which is also home to Louisiana State University. Much of the workforce is therefore well educated. Along with a strong education, technology, and healthcare presence, the city’s home prices are extremely affordable at $137,600.

  4. Tulsa, Oklahoma—For around $151,000, first-time buyers can settle into a new home in Tulsa. Tulsa offers a diversified economy guided by technology and fuel. With a low unemployment rate and affordable housing prices, Tulsa is a great place to live.

  5. Riverside, California—By California standards, the median home price in Riverside is affordable, which is great for first-time homebuyers. After being hit hard by the recession, Riverside is bouncing back. For Southern California living at a median home price of $245,000, Riverside is ideal.

  6. Chandler, Arizona—Located on the outskirts of Phoenix, Chandler is a popular place to work and live. Dubbed “Silicon Desert,” this city has experienced a dramatic growth in technology. For housing, $233,000 is a great price.

  7. Amarillo, Texas—Due to growing businesses like Tyson Foods and Bell Helicopter, the unemployment rate in Amarillo is the second lowest in the nation. With average home prices at $118,000, this city is highly attractive to first-time homebuyers.

  8. Reno, Nevada—Although most people immediately think of gambling, Reno is much more. In addition to its advanced logistics and manufacturing companies, Microsoft Licensing, Tesla, Apple, and the University of Nevada are in Reno. Home prices average $200,000—a great bargain for an amazing city.

  9. Tacoma, Washington—Situated below Mt. Rainier and on the shores of Puget Sound, Tacoma is simply gorgeous. Along with an economy supported by companies like True Blue and Boeing, the median home price is just $197,000.

  10. Boise, Idaho—This mid-sized city offers a unique balance of economy, culture, and family-friendly amenities. First-time homebuyers appreciate Boise State University, several growing technology companies, and affordable housing around $169,000.

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