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Tips for Making a Crowded Home More Comfortable During the Holidays


With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, your home is going to be busy. Between friends who stop by and out-of-town guests, your home will quickly feel crowded. To make everyone who visits feel more comfortable during the holiday season, you have a number of solutions.

Remember, even to family members, you are the host, so it is your responsibility to make people feel at home. Although this can be a daunting task, with the recommendations provided, you will have no problem making people feel welcomed and comfortable while in your home.

Helpful Suggestions

  • Sleeping Quarters—If you are determined to put everyone up in your home, you will need to get a little creative when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Obviously, having a guestroom helps, but beyond this, you can purchase several blow-up mattresses and take advantage of space in the home office, den, living room, and family room. While you want guests to feel comfortable, you as the homeowner do also have the right to establish “no-go zones.”

  • Murphy Bed—If your home is small and without a guestroom, but you have overnight guests on a frequent basis, you might consider a Murphy bed as a permanent solution. When needed, the bed folds down and once guests leave, you simply reposition the bed back into the wall. The great thing about Murphy beds is that you can choose different sizes, as well as horizontal and vertical arrangements.

  • Multipurpose Furniture—Another way to make your out-of-town guests feel comfortable this holiday season is by utilizing multipurpose furniture. Although you have many possibilities, a perfect example is a daybed or futon. During the day, the furniture serves as a place to sit, but at night, it becomes a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Privacy Matters—Especially when entertaining couples or older guests, you want to provide as much privacy possible. Even though a good deal of time will be spent together, laughing, eating, shopping, and just enjoying the holiday season, once back at the house, your guests need a place where they can get away without being bothered. Something as simple as a hung sheet or privacy screen helps tremendously.

  • Hotel Amenities—Just because people are staying at your home over the holidays doesn’t mean they can’t feel as if they are at a five-star hotel. For instance, offer guests a basket filled with new towels, scented candles, bath salts, small containers of shampoo and conditioner, and even chocolate mints.

  • Think about the Pets—For guests with pet allergies, you might recommend a hotel room or you can have you animals boarded during the holiday visit. However, if your animals are part of the family, simply provide a place for them away from guests. This will make your guests feel more comfortable and reduce stress on the animals.

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