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Tips for Home Staging on a Tight Budget


If you are planning to list your home for sale, one of the most important things you can do to get the attention of potential buyers is to stage. Even realtors with vacant homes understand the value of proper staging. The ultimate goal is to make the home warm and inviting so buyers can envision making the home their own.

Properly Staging a Home

A common misconception is that proper staging costs a lot of money but in reality, there are ways to create a beautiful home without breaking the bank. Remember the old saying, first impressions go a long way. When it comes to selling a home, nothing could be truer as indicated by HGTV.

  • Fresh Paint – Although there is a small investment that goes along with painting, if the walls are beyond being cleaned this is money well-spent. However, you want to choose neutral colors that would go with any home décor. Therefore, an off-white or eggshell color in a satin finish is highly recommended.


  • Remove Clutter – One of the worst distractions when viewing a home for sale is clutter. While some people are able to look past piles of magazines and books, overflowing trashcans, or kitchen counters with every appliance possible displayed, most cannot. Therefore, every room needs to be completely junk free. In fact, rooms look best with minimal personal items so you might want to consider renting a storage unit on a temporary basis for storing the bulk of your belongings.


  • Furniture Editing – People want to feel as if they are getting a lot of square footage for the price so rooms should have a sparse amount of furniture. The goal is to open up the space while making it livable. If your furniture is in need of replacement, it would be worthwhile to rent higher quality pieces while the home is being showed.


  • Landscaping – In addition to creating an alluring interior, the outside of the home needs to offer curb appeal. As part of this, the lawn and shrubs need to be properly manicured, trees trimmed, and so on. Even adding pathway or driveway solar lighting will bring appeal to the home.


  • Personal Items – Of course, there is nothing wrong in having personal items out while the home is being shown to potential buyers but it is important to be selective. As an example, while the home is on the market crayon drawings from the kids posted on the refrigerator should be packed away and instead of having a full hallway covered in family photos, you might limit it to just a few.

As stressed by experts, it is critical to pay attention to details. Something as simple as a new set of matching bath towels, decorative soaps, proper lighting, and pillow cushions will go a long way in getting your home sold.

Another key to proper staging is to make sure that every room of the home has a very defined purpose. As an example, if you currently use a portion or all of the formal dining room as an office, it should be converted back to its original purpose. Again, you want people who look at the home to feel as if it is theirs. By making a few changes this is an attainable goal. 



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